Beware signing for parcels – Advice from a Croydon local policing team

A message from Coulsdon West SNT regarding incidents in the Coulsdon and Purley area, which is likely to be useful to all.

Package Delivery 1 

Unfortunately, a number of people in the Coulsdon and Purley area of Coulsdon West ward have been affected by deliveries of mobile phones which they have not ordered.
This fraud is simple but sometimes extremely expensive if you do not follow some simple guidelines.
If you are not expecting a delivery make sure the name on the parcel and the address is correct.  Anything you sign for makes you liable for the expense. Doing a neighbour a good turn could end up being expensive!
If you sign for a phone you have the initial cost of the product and the contract, which is usually for a fixed period. 
Simply, if it doesn’t have your name on it don’t sign for it.
It’s the courier’s job to deliver it and he or she will have to take it back to their depot.
The scam takes place when you sign for something and then usually someone comes back and says,” I’m sorry the parcel was delivered to you in error”. If you hand it back to the Courier you need to know the company name, the name of individual and the index of the vehicle.  Have they ID? Are they in uniform?  If not, don’t.

What to do if you think you’ve been affected

Contact your bank to check you have not had some compromise of your details and that a debit has been set up on your account.

Phone 101 and report it and obtain a crime reference number, report it to the telephone provider for the phone delivered to you, quoting the crime reference number i.e. Vodaphone, EE, O2 etc.

Check with other members of your household that they have not ordered something on your behalf.


Patient or carer with experience of radiography sought

A notice, circulated by the Croydon PPG network:
Title: Public involvement in a question and answer session at a radiography study day
Values based Practice in radiography is an approach that aims to involve the patient, as well as the professional, in decisions about care.  The Association of Radiography Educators are organising a study day, for radiographers and radiography students, focussing on Values based Practice.   It is important that patients who have received care from radiographers have the opportunity to speak about their experiences and what type of service and care they would like to receive. 
We are looking for a current or former member of the public who has received (or cared for someone receiving) radiotherapy  treatment to join a member of staff from the Association of Radiography Educators to be part of a short question and answers session.
Your responsibilities:
·         You are asked to attend an event on 1st July 2015 The Society and College of Radiographers 207 Providence Square, Mill Street, London SE1 2EW 
·         You will be part of a  20 minutes questions and answer session, along with Ruth Strudwick from the Association of Radiography Educators
Our responsibilities:
·         You will be briefed fully on the event and your role in it.
·         You will be provided with a named contact throughout your work on this activity and whom you can contact to address any concerns or queries that you may have.
·         Funding is available towards travel expenses either by public transport or own vehicle: not taxis or private/public cabs.  Receipts must be provided.
·         Claim forms will be provided.
·         Expenses will usually be paid the following month after submission of the claims form.
Person specification:
·         Experience of radiotherapy services, (either as a direct recipient or a carer) in the last 5 years.
·         A reasonable standard of spoken English is essential.
·         Must be willing to travel to The Society and College of Radiographers
207 Providence Square, Mill Street, London SE1 2EW
If you are interested and/or have any questions please contact:
Julie Hendry
Senior Lecturer
School of Radiography
Kingston University & St George’s, University of London
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 2EE
Tel: 020 8417  2468
Closing date for expressions of interest: Please contact Julie as soon as possible to be sure of a place.  Final closing date 25 June 2015
Dr Gary Hickey
Public and Patient Involvement Lead – Research and Education
Kingston University and St George’s, University of London
2nd Floor, Grosvenor Wing, Cranmer Terrace, London SW17 0RE
Telephone: 020 8725 2242
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Policing Newsletter – Norbury – May 2015

Here’s the monthly local policing newsletter for Norbury.

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Norbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team
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Croydon Partnership Community Roadshow – 30 May 2015



Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.58.42Croydon Partnership, the joint venture between Westfield and Hammerson which is set to redevelop Croydon’s retail centre, has announced the date of its next community drop-in session:
Saturday 30 May 2015
1.00pm – 4.00pm
St Augustine’s Church
St Augustine’s Avenue
South Croydon
Open to the public, the event will give residents, businesses and local community groups of Addon and Croham the opportunity to meet members of the Croydon Partnership team, find out more about the over £1billion investment into the town centre, and answer any questions about the re-development.
The event is the latest in a series of rolling community drop-in sessions which will take place across Croydon’s 23 wards over the coming months.  The first event was hosted for the Fairfield ward at Centrale shopping centre in July 2014, which was followed up with a date at Stanley Halls for the South Norwood and Woodside communities in November last year. This year, we have held a roadshow to cover West Thronton and Croham wards. All of these events were very well attended and proved hugely worthwhile in helping the local communities understand the Partnership’s ambitions for the regeneration of Croydon. Further community roadshow dates will be announced in due course.
The roadshow forms a central part of the “Partners in the Town” component of the Croydon Partnership’s Community Plan, which aims to ensure regular dialogue with residents and local businesses and community groups across Croydon as the scheme progresses.
Joining the Croydon Partnership at the event will be representatives from Croydon Police, who are working closely alongside the Partnership as part of the redevelopment plans to help make the town centre a safer place to work and visit, through the Safer Croydon Partnership.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.57.59 Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.58.19



Download a copy of the flyer here: CP – Waddon and Croham FINAL

Stop the South London Incinerator fundraiser – 8 June 15

Details of the latest fundraiser – a politics-themed quiz night – are:

 The Oval Tavern
Date: Monday 8 June 2015
Time: 7pm for 8pm start

Buffet included in ticket price (Vegetarian and Vegan)

£10 per person if booked in advance, by 30 May – £15 thereafter, if places remain.

Cheques are to be sent to Stop the Incinerator, c/o Susan Oliver, 68 Edward Road, CROYDON, CR0 6DYPlease make cheques payable to Mr S.I. Khan

Full details below:
 Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 21.53.59

Please spread the word.  Download a flyer here: STI poster – politics
And let Susan know if you have any questions.

Can’t attend?
That’s not a problem!You can still support by making a donation.

stop the incinerator demo may 2012

Twitter:  @StoptheBurnCR

Facebook: Stop the South London Incinerator


Trials: which option do you prefer? Last chance!


Last chance to have your say at our Drop In meeting:

Wednesday 20 May 2015 4-6.30pm at Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College.

If you can’t make it, email Lucy on or 07795 044543 with your views. Once we’ve made this decision we will be looking at what else we can do to improve safety and live-ability in this area.

Originally posted on Norbury Avenue: re-design your street:

Where would you like to see the trial closures go on Norbury Avenue? We’ve had some really interesting and positive discussions so far, thank you to everyone for your input!

IMG_20150516_130418705_HDRIMG_20150516_140743360IMG_20150516_140628224 photo 4IMG_20150516_143854063  photo 1

Below are the 5 options we’ve been presenting to residents. The proposed closure locations for each of the options are marked by a green tree and there are explanations on each one.

Find out more about the plans by clicking here.

We need to make this first decision with Croydon Highways team on Thursday this week. The trials will hopefully start at the end of June.

Last chance to have your say at our Drop In meeting:

Wednesday 4-6.30pm at Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College.

If you can’t make it, email Lucy on or 07795 044543 with your views. Once we’ve made this decision we will be looking at what else we can do to improve safety and live-ability in…

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Croydon Policing Newsletter – New Addington – March and April 2015

Here’s the monthly newsletter for March and April, covering New Addington.

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New Addington Safer Neighbourhood Team
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Croydon Policing Newsletter – Purley – April and May 2015 – amended

Here’s the latest newsletter from the local policing team for Purley.

This is a revised newsletter to the one posted yesterday as the date for the next ward panel meeting was incorrect.

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Purley Safer Neighbourhood Team
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Due to a fault on the line the following mobile number is in use 07920 233892

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Policing Newsletter – Selsdon and Ballards – April 2015

Here’s the monthly SNT newsletter, covering Selsdon and Ballards.

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Other notices:

Neighbourhood Watch
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Croydon Policing Newsletter – Coulsdon West – April 2015

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