CCC AGM Nov 2014 & public meeting

Thank you to those who attended and to those who were unable to make the meeting but who sent apologies.

Reports of the officers were presented at the AGM. All current committee members stood down, as per the Constitution, and the new committee were voted in.

The current committee and officers, as elected,  are as follows:

Chair: Elizabeth Ash

Vice Chair: Peter Staveley

Treasurer: Roger Clark

Secretary: vacant

General members: Mark Johnson, Mahub Sadiq Bhatti,  Janet Stollery

The minutes of the AGM will be posted when prepared.

A general meeting followed the AGM. There was no Met Police presence as the acting Borough Commander who was due to attend was called to other duties at short notice. We understand that this left no Met Police officer available with sufficient oversight to address the meeting.

The discussion following the AGM highlighted issues in Croydon and notices, including:

  • the current issue regarding the previous Vice Chair
  • Policing
  • Parking
  • The Arts
  • Regeneration
  • Healthcare
  • Engagement and consultation of Croydon
  • Rubbish – refuse, recycling or fly-tipping
  • David Lean Cinema update


CCC is open to everyone with an interest in Croydon. 

If you’d like to be kept up to date please join our mailing list.


Help Purley Food Hub

PFH logoPurley Food Hub is a registered charity, keen to receive donations to support their work.
Donations can be left at:
Get Fired! (pottery shop), 914 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2LN
Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm (9pm Thursday)
Purley United Reformed Church, 906 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2LN
Monday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm
Christ Church, between 861-863 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2BN
Monday to Friday, 9am-12noon (term time)
The following list of food and other items are those the Food Hub particularly needs for their clients in November.
purley food hub

Free Heath Checks – Weds 19 Nov, 10am to 5pm

BME Forum group photoThe Croydon BME Forum will be providing free health checks on Wednesday, the 19th November, from 10am to 5pm. This is open to all who come in to the Croydon BME forum this Wednesday from 10am.  There will be trained nurses and workers who will give  thorough physical health checks and everyone gets a read out of their results.

For queries, contact Risq Animasaun at the Croydon BME Forum on 020 8684 3719

Croydon BME Forum is at Palmcroy House, 387 London Road, Croydon CRO 3PB.

Free health check


BME forum logo

Tramlink Dingwall Road loop extension consultation

Have your say!

TfL are proposing to build a new tram loop near East Croydon station to
accommodate the Croydon Partnership Development on the old Whitgift
Centre site.

Tramlink currently operates in a one way loop along George Street, Church
Street, Tamworth Road and Wellesley Road.

TfL are looking at three new loop options that could be constructed in the New Town part of Croydon.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

TfL are seeking views on both the principle of an extension and on which of the
three options is preferred.

How to find out more

For full details of why it is being proposed and what the three options are, please see

Information will be available at the Croydon Central Library from 3 November
to 28 November 2014 and the Tram Shop in George Street from 3 November
to 14 December 2014.

TfL staff involved in the Dingwall Road loop project will be available at Croydon
Central Library to discuss the scheme and answer your questions. The dates and
times will be:

Monday 17 November, 15:00-19:00
Saturday 22 November, 13:00-17:00

 Have your say!

The consultation closes on 14 December.

You can email your questions to

Access the online survey here:

Paper copies of plans and responses are available by writing to
FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS or calling 0343 222 1234*.

You can also request a hard copy of the questionnaire via phone or email.

*Service and network charges may apply.


Croydon Residents’ Associations & groups

We are working on building a list of local Residents’ Associations and community groups.  If you have contact details for any of these, have corrections to the details listed, or know of others, please let us know.

Please post details as a comment on this post or email us

We’ll update the table periodically.

Thank you!

Last update: 10/12/16

Residents’ Association/Group Contact Details Website
ASPRA (Addiscombe & Shirley Park) contact@the
Blackhorse Road Residents’ Association
Broad Green Residents’ Association
Canning & Clyde Roads Residents’ Association
Cedar House
Central Croydon Community Action
CHASE Residents’ Association Alison Wooster
Chatsworth Residents’ Association
Chertsey High Rise Residents’ Group
Coulsdon West Residents’ Association
Croham Valley
Croydon Communities Consortium (CCC)
Croydon Lansdowne  (not updated since 2012)
Crystal Palace Community Association
East Coulsdon Residents’ Association
East Croydon Community Organisation (ECCO) form on website
Forestdale Residents’ Association
Friends of Park Hill
Friends of Park Hill Park
Grangewood and Whitehorse Chair – Tina Norris
Grove Estate
H.O.M.E. Residents’ Association
Hartley & Districts Residents’ Association
Hastings & Warren Road Residents’ Association
Hermitage Neighbourhood Residents’ Association Chair – Tina Salter
Kenley and District Residents’ Association (KENDRA)
Kingsdown Avenue (lower end) LeKara
Monks Orchard Residents’ Association (MORA)
Morland Park Residents’ Association Molly Klidzia (Secretary) Tel: 020 8656 9845
Norbury Green Residents’ Association
Norbury Village Residents’ Association
Norhyrst Householders Association
North Downs Residents’ Association
Old Coulsdon Residents’ Association
Park Hill Residents’ Association form
People for Portland Road
Pollards Hill Residents’ Association Chair – Conrad Thomas
Purley & Woodcote Residents’ Association
Purley Bourne Residents’ Association
Revitalising East Croydon Communities RECC
Riddlesdown Residents’ Association
Sanderstead RA
Scotts Estate Residents’ Association
Selsdon RA
South Croydon Community Association
Spring Park
Thornton Heath Residents’ Association
Torrington Square Residents’ Association
Upper Woodcote Village Residents’ Association
Valley Park Residents’ Association
Wavell Court Residents’ Association
We Are Croydon Old Town
Webb Estate
Wharfedale Gardens and Lonsdale Gardens RA
Whitgift Estate Residents’ Association

meeting morgue file image

David Lean Cinema – November 2014

Full listings for November can be found here.

Thursday 6 November at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT (15) 2014 Belgium / Italy 95 mins (subtitled)
Directors: Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne ● Starring: Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rontigione
When Sandra (Cotillard) is away from work, her company realises it can cope without her if they pay everyone else a bit more. Over the course of a weekend, she visits all 16 colleagues to persuade them to vote for her to stay. A fascinating and affecting story.
“A powerful, finely scripted issue movie, made all the more incisive by Marion Cotillard’s raw performance as a woman fighting to save her job” (Screen International)
“Thoughtful, humane and superbly composed.” (The Telegraph)

Tuesday 11 November at 7.30pm
PATHS OF GLORY (PG) 1957 USA 88 mins

Director: Stanley Kubrick  ●  Starring: Kirk Douglas, Adolphe Menjou, Ralph Meek, George Macready
Acknowledged as an all-time classic, and restored and re-released earlier this year, Paths Of Glory is screened by the David Lean Cinema to mark Armistice Day. A First World War French colonel tries to defend three soldiers against charges of cowardice for refusing to continue a suicidal attack.

“Kirk Douglas and Timothy Carey are outstanding among the troops on the front line, while Kubrick’s relentlessly probing camera offers constant evidence of a film-maker at the height of his powers.” (Radio Times)

“The finest film about the Great War.” (Empire)


Thursday 13 November at 11.00am and 7.30pm
IDA (12A) 2013 Poland/ / Denmark 95 mins (subtitled)
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski  ●  Starring: Agata Kulesza, Agata Trzebuchowska, Dawid Ogrodnik
Poland, 1962. An eighteen-year-old novice nun is sent out into the world to meet her aunt and discover her family’s past. With stunning monochrome cinematography, and superb contrasting lead performances, this “compact masterpiece” (New Yorker) is “immaculate… suffused with the ache of loss but streaked with hope and humour” (Evening Standard). Awarded Best Film at the 2013 London Film Festival.

Official site and trailer:

Tuesday 30 December at 2.30pm
THE BEAT BENEATH MY FEET (15) 2014 UK, Dir John Williams, 90 mins

Director: John Williams  ●  Starring: Luke Perry, Nicholas Galitzine, Lisa Dillon, Verity Pinter

Tom (Galitzine), a teenage loner, dreams of becoming a rock star but feels thwarted by his God-fearing single mother, Mary. When an intimidating stranger (Perry) moves into the flat below and plays loud rock music at all hours, Tom recognises him as disgraced guitarist, Max Stone, who disappeared presumed dead years earlier owing a fortune in unpaid tax. Tom agrees not to reveal him to the authorities on condition that Max teaches him rock guitar. As their relationship develops both man and boy navigate the path from rock hell to rock redemption.



BBFC ‘Spoilers’

Although it can be helpful that the BBFC now provides more detailed information on what has caused films to receive their certificates, there’s also a growing awareness that the words that accompany the onscreen certificate can represent a “spoiler”, in the sense that key plot details are sometimes revealed. This article on The Guardian’s website explores this theme, coincidentally mentioning two films we are screening soon as well as two previous ones:

Please note, therefore, that if you would rather not know such information in advance of seeing either Two Days, One Night or Ida, please don’t read the words accompanying the BBFC certificate!



David Lean Cinema ticketing arrangements
Tickets for all screenings are £7.50. Concessions (Freedom Pass holders, full time students, claimants and people with disabilities) £6. Bookings can be made:
Online: via the TicketSource pages.
Telephone: ‘Phone 0333 666 3366 (a £1.50 charge applies, which covers any number of tickets). Note that this is specifically a Ticketsource service and staff cannot answer any queries unrelated to bookings.
In person:
Croydon Visitors Centre: near East Croydon Station (open 08.00-18.30 Mon-Fri and 09.00-17.00 Sat). Cash or card payments are accepted at CVC.
Croydon Clocktower:
 the David Lean Clocktower box office, located next to the Arts Bar, is open for one hour before every film. Tickets can be purchased for all films, subject to availability. This location is CASH ONLY.
All the above services close 2.5 hours before any particular film, with the exception of the Clocktower box office.
Wheelchairs: front row places can be booked via all the above methods. If you wish to book a complimentary seat for a helper, please request this by emailing:

Facebook and Twitter

Nearly 630 supporters receive news via Facebook page, which is a useful resource for anyone interested in screening updates, photo albums and the latest press coverage.

For additional reminders and film-related news, follow them on Twitter: @SaveDavidLean

Stronger Community Partnerships – initial meeting with RAs

An interesting meeting tonight, with lots of food for thought.


But who was aware?

It appears around 20 Residents’ Associations (RAs) were invited to attend. There were fewer than 20 in the meeting,  and only apologies from one undisclosed RA.

The sheer size of the board proposed was considered unworkable, and the minor representation of resident groups proposed was raised as an issue.

How to properly represent the resident voice in Croydon

The idea posed at our recent Sanderstead meeting of RAs and community groups being represented by networked quadrants, as detailed here, was put forward both before and at the meeting but appeared to be rejected by David Freeman, the Council officer linked to communities.

Representatives from RAs were concerned that individual RAs did not have a mandate to speak for others and were hard pushed to cover their existing work in any case, so found the proposal of just four being represented on this board as unworkable.

CCC are aware that community groups had not received an invitation to be represented. I attended on behalf of CCC, although told I could do so only as an observer as the council were only seeking representatives from RAs.

The questions raised included how would community groups be represented on this board? Whilst it was stated that lack of communication in some RAs may contribute to some not knowing of the invitation it was astounding to think that the Council recognised and invited just 20 or so groups.

The effectiveness of different RAs to engage and communicate with their communities, and their willingness to work together to share ideas and work on issues was raised. There are areas where RAs and community groups work extremely effectively together to tackle issues. The Purley, Coulsdon Kenley network was an example noted, working together to discuss issues around Purley Hospital.

We know, from experience, that groups such as Norbury RAs are well networked and that South Croydon Community Association reaches out to others across Croydon communities.

Some are less well represented, including those served by an RA such as the one local to me, who do not allow members to speak at committee meetings or receive minutes of meetings, and those where no RA exists at all.

Building networks

CCC have been working with the council to build up a list of RAs and community groups. That only 20 RAs were invited was astonishing to those attending this meeting, and adds weight to the evidence we have that many have not received the notice of meeting. We are volunteers and a small committee but we have already identified at least 50 RAs, and plan to post a link to these on our website shortly, in order to build this to include more.

But, whether a group represents a road, a ward, and area or an interest group – Friends of Park Hill Park, Old Town Croydon, Broad Green Business Forum or Croydon Transition Town comes to mind – does it really matter? ALL these groups have a view and represent the residents’ voice. This voice needs to be heard.

The outcome

A Forum will be established, with groups helping to build up the list the council hold.  CCC have invited all present to offer ideas on the list we plan to put up in the next few days, as a result of research undertaken by our committee member, Janet Stollery.

Four representatives were agreed to go to the first meeting on November 11, as interim reps for this group. This includes me, representing SCCA, as CCC is not eligible as a residents group, but I was told that CCC will be represented by another group attending – although we’ve not heard from anyone, to date, on this!

Concerns were raise regarding the effectiveness of this group to effect change..  Those present did not appear sufficiently convinced that the board would make a real difference. After establishing a Forum and deciding on how this would work, time-bonded targets and results need to be achieved to secure faith in the board..

Going forward

We’d like to know:

Was your group consulted and therefore represented?

RAs and resident groups give of their time to fulfil a role many wouldn’t. We are interested in learning whether community groups and RAs were contacted.



We’d love to hear what you think of this plan.

And I’d recommend reading Sean Creighton’s detailed post which explores the issues.

Post written in haste but posted to highlight the main points.

We look forward to hearing your views.  Please post a comment.

Elizabeth Ash

Chair, CCC