What makes Croydon rock?

In recent months, community-spirited folk have taken to using the hashtag #Croydonrocks to promote the great things going on in Croydon. This has been adopted by Croydon Council recently to promote the reuse of the notorious New Addington boulders that were removed and stored some time ago, at a cost some estimate to be more than £20K.

These boulders are now re-appearing across the borough, with plaque embedded, one in each of the original wards of the borough.


Where X doesn’t mark the spot, apparently.


where the stone appears to have been dumped, somewhat unceremoniously on an  unkempt grass verge.

We’d like to know what your thoughts are….

  • Is this a valuable exercise for Croydon?
  • What makes Croydon rock?


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