Did you know that you can no longer dispose of paint at Croydon’s Recycling Centres?

Paint is now classed as hazardous waste and, therefore, Croydon Council are unable to accept it at any of their three reuse and recycling centres.  Paint is a liquid, resulting in spillage if the container is damaged.
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If you have any usable surplus paint, please try offering it to friends, local community groups or you can contact Community Re-Paint
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Alternatively, for disposal 
Water-based paints
You can dispose of “solid” water-based paint, which will be sent to landfill but it needs to be solid. To make paint solid, you have to remove the lid from the can and leave it off for a number of weeks before replacing the lid before disposing of it. Adding sand or cat litter makes it go hard quicker or you can buy a special hardener.
Recycling Centre staff may want to see that the paint is hard before accepting it for disposal.
Empty paint cans (plastic or metal) or dried water based paint can be disposed of at the Council’s recycling centres.
Oil paints
In the case of oil paint, this is a bit more difficult. Oil based paint is now given a chemicals advisory notice and needs to be collected by the City of London. Further information and details about this service can be found on the City of London website.
The City of London Corporation provides a collection service for boxed chemical and paint only. You are entitled to three collections of 50L of containers per rolling year. Chemicals and paint tins must be put into cardboard boxes for collection.
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Croydon Soroptimists mark International Women’s Day 2016


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To mark today’s International Women’s Day 2016, girls from junior schools throughout the borough showed off their public speaking skills in a competition held annually by Soroptimist International Croydon and District.

The final of the LOUD & PROUD competition, which is in its sixth year, featured 16 girls aged 10 – 11 who spoke for up to four minutes on a wide range of subjects including, Is football just for boys, should children learn a foreign language, should the UK stay in the EU and how would they handle the refugee crisis.

The final was held in the Council Chamber at Croydon Town Hall and the girls performed in front of a panel of five judges including the Chair of Crystal Palace Ladies Football Club, Richard Spokes, Nitin Mehta MBE, Cllr Maggie Mansell, Shelley Davies, Strategic Manager – School Improvement, Department for Children, Families and Learning and Fatima Koroma – Director of Social Enterprise.

Grace Onions, says,

“Their speeches were inspirational, revealing some astute observations.

The competition has gone from strength to strength and it was wonderful to see so many young girls stand up in front of a daunting audience and speak so passionately and articulately about their chosen subjects.”

The proud winner was Ninsola Adewale, who attends St Peter’s Primary School. Her chosen subject to speak on was the current refugee crisis. Second place went to Lara Martins and third place to Megan Shakespeare, both of St James the Great RC Primary School. 

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Front row, L to R – Megan Shakespeare, Ninsola Adewale, The Mayor of Croydon Cllr Patricia Hay-Justice and Lara Martins Back row, L to R – Nitin Mehta, Shelley Davies, Grace Onions, Gabi Richardson (immediate past President of SI Croydon and District), Cllr Maggie Mansell, Penny Veness and Fatima Koroma

“We believe events like these give girls an opportunity to not only improve their communication and public speaking skills but also encourage them to take part in public life in the future.”

The winners received their prize of Whitgift Centre vouchers as well as Crystal Palace scarves offered by Richard Spokes on the day.

All  contestants were also given a tour of the House of Commons by Gavin Barwell MP, who has supported this event for some years now, following on from the support shown by the late Malcolm Wicks MP.

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For further information about Croydon and District, please 


Soroptimist International (SI) is a worldwide service organisation for women and represents 350 Soroptimist clubs in 29 countries. SI has been granted Special Consultative Status by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. Consultative Status allows an organisation to actively engage with the UN, submitting oral and written statements, and sending representatives to UN events, conferences and meetings. SI is committed to a world where women and girls together achieve their individual and collective potential, realise aspirations and have an equal voice in creating strong, peaceful communities worldwide.

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Croydon Council’s Community Fund is open for applications

Croydon Council invites interested organisations to apply to the Community Fund opportunity.
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The opportunity
The council has launched this new approach to commissioning with the voluntary and community sector (VCS). A number of previous funding programmes are being brought together under one programme in order to more flexibly reflect current needs.

The key outcomes for the borough have been influenced by the findings of the Opportunity & Fairness Commission report. The Council believes that the new approach will allow the effective use of resources to have greater impact on the outcomes they want to influence within our borough.

The Community Fund will be cross cutting with an approach that builds on the assets of the VCS, promoting enterprise and social value. It will seek to remove barriers and promote diversity in the sector, allowing new approaches, particularly grass roots community responses to issues.

The new programme will also aim to create a broad range of opportunities for different forms of volunteering from all parts of borough. Underpinning the new programme will be high standards of accountability, transparency and best use of resources with success being measured on improving outcomes for residents.

The Community Fund aims to achieve clear outcomes. The Council will expect applications to the fund to show very clearly how their proposals will help achieve the outcomes set out in the framework and how they build on the ‘golden threads’, the strengths of the VCS.

The key themes are;
–  Theme 1: Vibrant, responsible and connected communities
–  Theme 2: A connected borough where no one is isolated
–  Theme 3: Supporting residents towards better times
–  Theme 4: Leaving no child behind
–  Theme 5: Finding homes for all

For more information go to www.croydon.gov.uk/communityfund

Croydon’s commissioning opportunities are advertised and managed through the London Tenders Portal www.londontenders.org

Where to find further information
In order to access the Community Fund opportunity documents via the London Tenders Portal, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that ALL organisations email commissioning@croydon.gov.uk and EXPRESS THEIR INTEREST in this opportunity and the Council will then invite you to apply via the London Tenders Portal.

You must also provide the following information;
–  If you are already registered on the Portal the registered email address that was used to register on the Portal
–  the name of your organisation
–  a key name and contact number in case they need to get in touch with you

If you are not registered on the Portal the Council will assist you in order to get you registered.

Guidance for completing the form is included on the website and the form itself. The guidance will include the % of the overall assessment score allocated to each question on the form.

Applications open on 22 March 2016 and the deadline for receipt of completed applications is Tuesday 24th May 2016 at 12.00pm.

Training & Support
The Council will be providing themed workshops around the borough for potential applicants to encourage partnership bids where appropriate in similar service areas.

The workshops have been scheduled to last up to 3 hours and will also cover training such as how to log on to the portal, guidance on how to write your application, Q&A about the application documents themselves, Getting Commissioning Ready etc.

The details of workshop times & locations will be updated on the website www.croydon.gov.uk/communityfund

Places at each event are very limited. Therefore organisations will be limited to a maximum of two places each.

Please contact commissioning@croydon.gov.uk to book a place. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

If you require help to access the London Tenders portal or have special access requirements, contact the council’s commissioning and procurement helpline on 020 8726 7383.

Successful applicants should hear the outcome of their applications at the beginning of July. The new funding will commence from 1 October 2016.

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