Directly Elected Mayor of Croydon – arguments for and against

DEMOC, the campaign for a directly elected mayor of Croydon, is currently underway, with a further public launch meeting for Kenley in a Purley venue on 27 February 2020. Details here.

This follows launch meetings in Purley, Sanderstead and Old Coulsdon, with mention of a meeting in Shirley still in the planning stage.

The campaign is not proposing to debate the merits for or against a directly elected mayor, and will leave that to others should the requisite number of signatures be obtained to force a referendum.

BUT that seems rather late to have the debate, particularly if people are being asked to support a referendum on this issue without knowing the arguments for and against, and given the cost of holding a referendum.

Don’t residents need to understand the implications to make an informed decision?

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Group opposes Higher Drive, Purley, development and urges others to get involved

A group of residents in Higher Drive, Purley have decided to challenge Croydon Council’s decision to allow a 5 storey block of 40 flats to be built on a site formerly occupied by 3 detached family houses.

Mike Brigden, the Chair of Woodland Way (Purley) Association, explains and urges others to get in touch to support their objections… Continue reading

Croydon Landlord Licensing Consultation until 9 March – Have your say!

Licensing of Private Rented Properties in Croydon – Consultation is open.

Croydon Council would like you to take part in a consultation about the proposal to start a new private rented property scheme in the Autumn 2020.

In 2015 the Council introduced a borough-wide, 5-year landlord licensing scheme which will end on 30 September 2020. Following a paper to cabinet in October the Council is now consulting on proposals to continue to license private rented properties in Croydon.

The consultation closes at 11.59pm on Monday 9 March, 2020.

Nick Gracie-Langrick, Croydon Council’s Selective Licensing and Housing Manager, writes:

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CPRE London respond to the Croydon Local Plan review – concerned about impact on traffic, air pollution and congestion – and encourage YOU to respond too

CPRE London is very concerned about Green Belt loss in Croydon, in particular because of the impact it would have on traffic, air pollution and congestion.

  • CPRE London would therefore, encourage Croydon residents to write in response to Croydon Council’s consultation saying you DO NOT SUPPORT Strategic Spatial Option 3 in the Croydon Local Plan Review consultation.
  • It will only take a few moments. Just email before the deadline of 13 January* – giving your name and postal address

UPDATE: 9 Jan, 2020 – Croydon Council extends consultation deadline to 20 January. Details here.

Their more detailed response is reproduced below.

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Croydon Local Plan review – Are you concerned about losing part of Sanderstead Rec and other areas? Have your say!

Friends of Sanderstead Rec ask you to share a few minutes to fill in their online form google form which has the Sanderstead-specific questions from the Local Plan.

Deadline for this form is Sat 11 January to allow the group to collate and submit the responses to the Council for the 13 Jan deadline.

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