Say No to CPZ group lobbies against Croydon Council’s plans for a controlled parking zone for South Croydon

A campaign group has been formed to raise awareness of what they consider to be a poorly advertised consultation…

It is not possible to find details on the Council’s website….

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Responses re objections to removal of one hour parking in Coulsdon

Local Residents’ Associations and residents were concerned about the loss of 1-hour parking in Brighton Road, Coulsdon and many people wrote to object to the plans.



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Letter signing in Coulsdon


If you signed an objection letter about the proposal to reduce the free parking in Brighton Road from one hour to half an hour, please could you let the Chair of Old Coulsdon Residents’ Association know if you have received an acknowledgement from the Council and another communication to say that the half hour had been approved by the committee?

Please send details to OCRA will then liaise with the other Residents’ Associations in the area on this issue.

Thank you

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Proposed removal of one hour parking – Brighton Road, Coulsdon – ways to object

 Local Residents’ Associations and residents are concerned about the loss of 1-hour parking in Brighton Road, Coulsdon. They believe that this proposal could mean more shops closing with less choice for residents.

The Council is proposing to reduce the current 60 minutes that people can park for free to just 30 minutes.  Local people have already fought this on previous occasions and managed to get this overturned due to public pressure.

A campaigner says,

“This will affect the traders and shoppers. It is a huge blow after getting at least some of the Lion Green Road car park reinstated.  The problems which the closure of the car park has caused showed how important parking is to the town.

Thank goodness they have at least temporarily, reopened the car park.

We need you to object again this time – details of how to and a standard letter are provided below.

There is now only a few more days to object but if you haven’t done so already.”


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Petition signing in Coulsdon

How to register an objection:

Send an email to

Please ensure you give your name and address and postcode or it will not be counted.

The email should include the following reference

Ref: PD / CH / A1 to A3, The Croydon (Coulsdon) (Limited Time) (No. A2) Traffic Order

And you might like to copy it to

Cllr Kathy Bee

Cllr Tony Newman

Cllr Steve O’Connell – GLA member for Croydon and Sutton  Steve.O’

Chris Philp MP

Cllr Mario Creatura

Cllr Luke Clancy

Cllr Jeet Bains

Cllr Christopher Wright

Cllr James Thompson

Cllr Margaret Bird

Or you can send in an individual letter by post to:

Order Making Section, Parking Design Team
Place Department, Croydon Council,
Floor 6, Zone C, Bernard Weatherill House,
8 Mint Walk,

A standard letter can be downloaded, here.

If  over 1000 signatures are gained, the Council have to debate the issue in the Council Chamber and the public can attend.

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Petition – Build a new Primary School in Coulsdon #Croydon

A petition has been launched by a resident, to push for a new school to be built in Coulsdon.

She explains, 2,500 thousand homes are being built in Coulsdon over the next 5 years and unbelievably, no new school for all the new children is planned.

Croydon Council need a better longer term plan for our future generations – for all our children!

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The petition reads,

‘Approximately 2,500 new homes are being developed in Coulsdon over the next 5 years, including nearly 700 new homes on the Cane Hill development, yet unbelievably no new primary schools are planned to accommodate the new families moving in and there is already a shortfall in available places in the local area.

Smitham, Chipstead Valley and Woodcote primary schools are all being asked to permanently expand by one extra class in each year (210 extra pupils each). However their facilities – e.g. dining halls, assembly halls would be stretched far beyond their intended capacity and misery caused for local residents with increases in already heavy traffic. Despite these proposed expansions, there would still be projected shortfalls in the number of primary school places a few years down the line.

Potential sites in Coulsdon exist, where the new school which the area so desperately needs, could be built, yet it seems all this land is earmarked for yet more housing developments. Croydon Council’s housing and education teams seem to be working in competition rather than collaboration which is extremely short termist and detrimental to the educational experience of all our children in the long term.

The Council’s consultation on the potential schools’ expansion finishes on October 19th and the developers are keen to start building more flats. We want to point out to the council urgently that they cannot keep on building more dwellings without providing necessary facilities.

Please pass this petition on to as many people as possible – all local residents living near these schools or trying to pass by them at school times and local families with primary age children or younger will be affected.

Thank you.”

The link to the petition can be found here:

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Concerns that Coulsdon ALDI plan to restrict parking …

The following has been received from ECRA

ALDI have put in a planning application for the removal of condition 16 which allows for parking for everyone for 1.5 hour whether parking in the store or not.  This was a condition which was fought for as a condition to not objecting to the planning application.  Therefore,  you need to write to the Council and object – individually – if you do not want further parking restrictions in Coulsdon.

Planning Application 15/03999/P

ALDI -15/03999/P | Erection of two storey building comprising retail foodstore (A1) at ground floor with D1 (training) and B1 (office) at first floor level; provision of associated highway and parking facilities (without compliance with condition 16 – car park management scheme – attached to planning permission 13/02579/p) | Aldi Stores LTD (Former Red Lion Public House) 159 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2NH  – WANT TO HAVE 1.5 HOUR PARKING CONDITION FOR ALL TAKEN OFF AND ONLY FOR ALDI CUSTOMERS.


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Petition – Reinstate the safe cycle route on Norbury Avenue #Croydon

A petition has been launched by Croydon Cycling Campaign to reinstate the safe cycle route on Norbury Avenue, CroydonScreen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.15.04


The petition reads,

Croydon’s first high-quality cycle route along Norbury Avenue has been removed by the council after just 1 month of a planned 3 month trial period.

As part of the Mayor’s Quietway programme, Norbury Avenue was closed to through-traffic to create safe space for cycling and walking. This new quiet route provided a safe cycle route that connected Croydon town centre to the cycle route that runs all the way to Waterloo.

However, the traffic blocks have been taken down, and the road is now re-open to fast rat-running traffic, making it unsafe for cycling and walking. For years it has been a rat-run for cars driving between Norbury and Thornton Heath.

Many local residents agree that there is a big problem with traffic cutting through this neighbourhood, dividing it with a consistent flow of vehicles and creating fear of high speeds and lack of respect from drivers.

It looks like Croydon’s cycle network may have fallen at the first hurdle and will be severed from the rest of the London cycle network.

Please urge council leader Tony Newman to ensure the road closures on Norbury Avenue are returned as soon as possible so Croydon remains connected to the rest of London by bike. Remind him that Croydon residents want safe space for cycling.



Links to other information and to the petition can be found here:

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