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Save Our Fairfield’s campaigners and supporters have reacted with dismay at the announcement of a July closure date for Fairfield Halls, despite no operational plan or strategy in place from Croydon Council for when the building is due to reopen in 2018.

This latest news follows a previous council statement that it would withdraw all funding from Fairfield Halls if it did not capitulate to the council’s demand to close on June 30th. Fairfield (Croydon) Ltd had no option but to agree to the Council’s terms.

The announcement has come as no surprise to campaigners, who have been calling for the council to adopt a phased refurbishment so that at least one of Fairfield’s three venues could remain open throughout.

Andy Hylton, who is one of the lead campaigners says,

“Much of this campaign has been fought on social media, but this is an issue that should be debated in a Council meeting, in full view of the public, so we can begin to have some transparency.

Questions are still unanswered. How are the Council able to close down such a valuable local asset without properly discussing plans, costings and who will be operating the venue once it finally re-opens?”

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Image: Elizabeth Ash

And, it’s not too late.

Save Our Fairfield will continue to campaign for a phased refurbishment, with the petition continuing to gather support.

Further protest events, such as the previous ‘flash song’, are also planned.

Image: Frazer Ashford

Image: Frazer Ashford

Why continue the fight?
The campaign believes that alternative funding options for a phased refurbishment have not been properly explored and that Fairfield Halls was not given the opportunity to start a fundraising drive themselves.

Save Our Fairfield campaigners, which include experienced arts & entertainment venue experts, will now scrutinise the latest refurbishment structural designs published as part of the planning notice. Previously displayed blueprints at Croydon Town Hall were lacking in detail and experienced staff expressed concern that some of the planned alterations to back of house functions especially may not be operationally viable.

Campaign reports that the skilled and knowledgeable staff at Fairfield Halls do not believe the refurbishments will be completed in only two years and also believe that the cost of a phased refurbishment would be much lower than the Council have suggested.

The campaigners strongly believe that wider access to quality music and the arts will be threatened if this closure goes ahead. Many groups supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people, as well as the tens of thousands of local school children who participate in performances and events at the Fairfield Halls, will lose their valuable connection to the arts in Croydon for over two years.

The fight goes on.

What can you do? Save Our Fairfield advises:

Save Our Fairfield advises:

Show Croydon Council that we disgaree with their intentions to close the venue down during refurbishments.

If we can show large enough public opinion against the plans we could make a difference and encourage a public meeting, where we can ask for more details about costs, plans and who will operate the venue when it opens in the future.

  • Write or email

Send emails to

Or write to  Cllr Timothy Godfrey c/o Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX

  • Support the campaign on social media

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Notices of meeting – 23 February 2016


Thank you!
Thanks to those who attended our meeting to engage on a variety of subjects including re-procurement of Urgent Care services for Croydon, Croydon street lighting programme, the redevelopment of Fairfield Halls and  Master Gardeners scheme as part of Croydon Food Flagships programme.

And thanks to those who pre-registered, as this saves the committee time on the night and helps us to cater for numbers.

Many thanks to the Croydon CCG team for attending, to follow up from the last meeting, to update everyone on the outcome of the engagement exercise on Urgent Care services for Croydon.


Thank you to Cllr Margaret Bird and Cllr Yvette Hopley, who listened to the views expressed by Croydon residents before and during the meeting. Particular thanks too, to Cllr Hopley who cancelled other arrangements in order to give an update on Skanska street lighting programme after learning that council officers responsible and the contractor had prevented from attending.

The committee would also like to thank Croydon Council officers and the Skanska team who would have attended. They are keen to receive feedback and comments and have agreed to provide a response to any points raised.

Just email



Celebrations and Events in Croydon
February is LGBT History Month and there are a variety of events on offer in Croydon. The display in Croydon Central Library, the Rainbow Reading Group who meet this Thursday and each month, and a trail available in the Museum of Croydon were noted as events still to come. The Rainbow Reading Group is an active group, meeting monthly, and always looking for new members.

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March 8 is International Women’s Day and the Croydon Women’s Network is organising a series of activities from March 1 to 8.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 17.52.49

Black History Month is celebrated in October. The theme for 2016 is ‘Our Young Achievers’ which was revealed at a launch earlier this month to allow more time for groups, individuals and organisations to plan, organise and promote events.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.31.18

The launch of the theme for this year’s theme for Black History Month

To coincide with the centenary of the First World War, Whitgift School is hosting a major exhibition: Remembering 1916: Life on The Western Front, which runs from 16 March to 31 August 2016.

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Croydon Healthwatch
Croydon Healthwatch is offering grants to community groups who can run events to assist them reaching hard to reach groups. All were asked to pass the information on to anyone interested.

Marketing Master Class for voluntary groups and charities
Croydon Commitment and White Label are offering a Marketing Master Class this Thursday 25 February at Jurys Inn. The event is open to local community groups and charities. Booking is required via Stella and Croydon Commitment but the event is free.


Save Fairfield Campaign
The Save Fairfield campaign is apolitical, and pushing for a phased approach to the redevelopment of Fairfield Halls rather than complete closure. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.31.44

People from all over Croydon and beyond joined the Save Fairfield Campaign and Croydon Symphony Orchestra for a protest to push for a phased redevelopment of The Fairfield Halls.

Master Gardeners
Croydon Food Flagship Programme and Garden Organic are recruiting more Master Gardeners. Master Gardeners are volunteers who support others to grow fruit and vegetables in community gardens and at home. The foundation course runs over two days, on March 5 and 6. See

Image: Garden Organic Taking a cutting of covo (African kale)

Image: Garden Organic
Taking a cutting of covo (African kale)

Croydon Trading Standards
The latest Croydon Trading standards bulletin is out. Copies were made available at the meeting, a copy should be on display in all Croydon Libraries and a copy can be viewed and downloaded from CCC’s website on the link above. These bulletins contain useful information for people of all ages, including staying safe online and advice to keep vulnerable residents safe and protect them from being scammed.

Local Policing newsletters
The latest local policing newsletter for each ward in Croydon is posted on CCC’s website. All were encouraged to sign up to receive these newsletters and occasional important updates by emailing the local policing team.

One recent notice received was to warn residents not to leave keys close to letterboxes or other access points in their homes as poles were being used to hook and remove keys. 

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Next meeting
We are currently planning our next meeting.

Anyone can raise a topic for discussion, promote a local event or group, give a notice, discuss and issue or ask a question of others. All we ask is that people respect that CCC and our meetings are apolitical.

We’ll advertise details when they are confirmed and hope you will be able to attend.


Local information is always on offer at our meetings for people to take away.

Croydon Commitment’s Corporate Open Door Day


CCLogo Do you work with unemployed people who need a boost and support in getting back into work?

Would they benefit from a work taster day with some of Croydon’s biggest employers?

In March, Croydon Commitment’s partners will be opening their doors to provide shadowing opportunities, one on one advice and employability skills with local people who need extra support and confidence before getting back into work.

For more information please contact Stella Fasusi on or call 0208 774 3680.


CCLogoCroydon Commitment

T: 0208 774 3680
Twitter: @CCommitment
Facebook: Croydon Commitment



Croydon Trading Standards Bulletin – 2016 – Edition 1

This is the latest bulletin Croydon Council Trading Standards which contains useful advice on crime prevention and some good news stories.

Read it online here or download a copy at the foot of this post.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.15.16

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.14.51

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.14.30

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Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.31.17

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You can download a copy here: Information Network Bulletin Edition 1 2016 (1)

And the link to previous bulletins is here.

Grassroots funding opportunity from Healthwatch Croydon

Healthwatch logo

Would you like to hold an event/activity for your local group or community?

Healthwatch Croydon is offering grants of between £500 and £1,000 to run one-off activities or events with local people.

Why are they funding this?
The NHS in south-west London, and Surrey Downs, is working with Healthwatch Croydon to engage with local people on what they think of local health services.

They would particularly like the involvement of people who do not normally share their views about local services (seldom heard communities).

What can the money be used for?
They would like to fund activities and events that would be enjoyable to local people. Examples include dinner dances, pottery classes, fun days, drop in sessions and afternoon teas.

The local NHS would like to attend the events and activities and spend part of the time talking to local people about their experience of using local services. People who attend the event will also be invited to stay in touch with the local NHS and continue to share their views in the future.

Who can apply for the funding?

Local groups and voluntary sector organisations who work with or support:
people from groups with protected characteristics – including, older people, younger people, people with physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health conditions, transgender people, LGBQ communities, pregnant women and those who have recently given birth, people from different races and of different religions, men and women, carers, socio-economically deprived communities, the working population and other groups identified by local Healthwatch organisations as seldom heard.

All events/activities need to be held by the end of 2016.

To apply for funding, or for more information, please contact Darren Morgan, Community Analyst on 020 8663 5635 or email


CCC’s recent community engagement meeting with Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group

Policing Newsletter – Norbury – February 2016

Here’s the monthly local policing newsletter for Norbury.

Why not sign up to receive these monthly newsletters and other updates direct to your inbox?  Just email the SNT on the address below to be added to the circulation list.

Produced by:

Norbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2477
Twitter:  @MPSNorbury

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Download a copy here:
Norbury Newsletter_FEB_2016