New Croydon Council app for reporting

A new smartphone app designed to make it easier to report fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, graffiti and more has been launched by Croydon Council.

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Public meeting – RUBBISH! – Refuse, recycling & fly-tipping in Croydon – Thurs, 28 June

Come along to discuss the issues and learn more about the new arrangements for refuse and recycling. Responses to the questions and points raised at our previous meeting on the subject are being prepared by council officers and will be available shortly.

Council officers and councillors have been invited to attend to speak, to hear your views and respond to your questions.

If you are involved in a group that is working to tackle litter and flytipping, come along to promote what you do.

The meeting will be held in the hall to the rear of:

St. Michael and All Angels with St. James
Poplar Walk

Enter via the gate to the left of the Church.

Please ensure that you book a free place to attend.

Our meetings are open to all and are strictly apolitical.


Doors open at 6.30pm, when tea and coffee will be available and you’ll have the chance to meet and chat with others attending. We’ll have local information on display with copies for you to take away. 

The meeting will start at 7pm and close around 8.30pm to allow people to speak informally with others, with the event finishing by 9pm.

Please check our website for updates prior to the event.


Please book a free place on Eventbrite here:

This helps us to cater for numbers and ensures that the meeting start is not delayed.

If you cannot book via Eventbrite, please email us at and we can book for you.

Please note:
Booking for this meeting is essential.

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Download a copy of the flyer to share here: CCC A5 flyer – June 2018

Getting there:
There is no general parking available at this venue, but it’s a central location with good transport links. We may be able to cater for blue badge holders, so please get in touch well ahead of the event if this applies to you.

The hall is to the rear of the Church, accessed through the gate in the fencing to the left of the main Church entrance.

Please see FAQs on Eventbrite as you book.

Purley Food Hub collection
We will be collecting items on the night for Purley Food Hub, who cater for clients from across Croydon. Find the latest list of most needed items, here.

Want to receive notification of our meetings and occasional updates?
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NEW kerbside Christmas tree recycling service in Croydon alongside drop off points

There is now really no excuse to not dispose of your real Christmas tree responsibly.

Croydon Council is offering a new Christmas tree collection service as well as the drop off points for recycling of Christmas trees this year.

 Kerbside recycling
The service will run from Monday 8 January to Friday 19 January 2018.

All you need to do is put your real Christmas tree next to your landfill bin on your collection day.

Before you put your tree out for collection, please make sure you have removed all decorations, stands and pots. If these have not been removed, your tree may not be collected.

Christmas tree collection points:

Christmas trees can be recycled at the council’s Refuse and Recycling Centres or at specific drop off points across the borough.

Take your real Christmas tree to any collection point between Sunday 7 January to Sunday 14 January 2018.

Please do not leave your real Christmas tree at a collection point after 14 January as it will be considered to be fly-tipping, for which you can face a penalty. You’ll need to take it to one of the refuse and recycling centres if you miss the deadline.


Ward Collection point
Ashburton Ashburton Park (access from Tenterden Road)
Coulsdon East Grange Park, Canon’s Hill
Fairfield Oaks Road / Coombe Road car park
Heathfield Addington Park car park, Gravel Hill
Kenley Kenley Residents’ Association, Oaks Road Green
New Addington Central Parade car park
New Addington Fisher’s Farm Reuse and Recycling Centre, North Downs Road
Norbury Granville Gardens car park
Purley Upper Woodcote Village Residents’ Association, Woodcote Village Green
Purley Purley Oaks Reuse and Recycling centre, Brighton Road
Selsdon Selsdon Recreation Ground (access from Woodlands Gardens)
Shirley Monks Orchard Green
Shirley Shirley Park, Green Court Gardens Green
Waddon Factory Lane Reuse and Recycling centre, Factory Lane


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 17.56.55

Whatever you do, please don’t fly-tip or bin your tree!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 18.09.31For full details including a map and other details see the council’s website, here.

Did you know that you can no longer dispose of paint at Croydon’s Recycling Centres?

Paint is now classed as hazardous waste and, therefore, Croydon Council are unable to accept it at any of their three reuse and recycling centres.  Paint is a liquid, resulting in spillage if the container is damaged.
Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 21.29.44
If you have any usable surplus paint, please try offering it to friends, local community groups or you can contact Community Re-Paint
Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 21.31.51
Alternatively, for disposal 
Water-based paints
You can dispose of “solid” water-based paint, which will be sent to landfill but it needs to be solid. To make paint solid, you have to remove the lid from the can and leave it off for a number of weeks before replacing the lid before disposing of it. Adding sand or cat litter makes it go hard quicker or you can buy a special hardener.
Recycling Centre staff may want to see that the paint is hard before accepting it for disposal.
Empty paint cans (plastic or metal) or dried water based paint can be disposed of at the Council’s recycling centres.
Oil paints
In the case of oil paint, this is a bit more difficult. Oil based paint is now given a chemicals advisory notice and needs to be collected by the City of London. Further information and details about this service can be found on the City of London website.
The City of London Corporation provides a collection service for boxed chemical and paint only. You are entitled to three collections of 50L of containers per rolling year. Chemicals and paint tins must be put into cardboard boxes for collection.
Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 21.29.44

Recycling your Christmas tree in Croydon isn’t easy, but Croydon Treecycle is doing something about it!

If you want to recycle your Christmas tree, but don’t want a car full of needles

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 18.10.01







or to haul your tree through the streets on foot,

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 18.10.20read on…

Today is the deadline to register for Croydon’s paid-for garden waste collection service. Whatever the rights or wrongs of the council’s proposal, green waste collections don’t run over the Christmas period in any case – just when a large number of Croydon households have one very obvious item of green waste for recycling!

Croydon Treecycle say,

“Around 11,000 Christmas trees are dropped off at the council’s designated tree collection points each year, but this likely represents only 10% of the number of ‘real’ Christmas trees in the borough. The other 90% of trees will go to landfill, with each tree costing the council around £2.50 in fees and landfill taxes!

However, Croydon residents are usually pretty good at recycling: In 2013, 44% of Croydon’s household waste was sent for reuse, recycling and composting – better than the national average, and far better than the London average. That’s 44% of household waste, but only 10% of Christmas trees. This compares very poorly with neighbouring Lambeth, where 85 tons of trees were recycled in 2013! Of course, Lambeth operates a kerbside tree collection service, and this is where Croydon Treecycle believes the difference lies.

Croydon Council provides 18 tree collection points around the borough, but expect you to get your Christmas tree there yourself.

If you own a car, this means stuffing the tree into the boot or back seat, risking scratches to yourself and your car’s paintwork, pine needles everywhere, and potentially releasing mould spores into the car environment. Also, consider the environmental impact of one car journey per tree.

If you don’t own a car – and 33% of Croydon households do not – you can either haul the tree through the streets to your collection point, or try taking your tree with you on public transport. For example, for Fairfield residents, a trip from central Croydon to the Oaks Rd / Coombe Rd collection point would mean enjoying a tram ride with your tree, followed by 20mins of hauling on foot. Good luck with that!

The lack of a kerbside collection acts as a barrier to residents’ usual inclination to recycle, so Croydon Treecycle is offering a low-cost collection service. For just £10, Croydon residents can book to have their tree collected from outside their home. No mess, no fuss.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 18.09.45

Croydon Treecycle is registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier and is running services on residents’ usual recycling days. Targeting areas in this way allows Croydon Treecycle to minimise the amount of driving each van has to do and therefore, limit its CO2 emissions. If you’d prefer a collection on an alternative day this could be arranged for an additional fee.

Chipping and mulching a Christmas tree reduces by 80% the carbon footprint of the same tree in landfill.

Trees are taken to wood chipping facilities in the south of the borough where they are turned into compost, which will later promote further organic growth and further carbon capture. Chipping and mulching a Christmas tree reduces by 80% the carbon footprint of the same tree in landfill.

Croydon Treecycle say,

It will take time to change the council’s green waste collection policy, but you can take action today by booking a Christmas tree collection from Croydon Treecycle, at

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 18.09.31

Croydon Treecycle website has further info, including useful tips on how to take down your Christmas tree.

Find them on Twitter at @CroydnTreecycle


if you’d prefer to opt for the Council’s free collection service, click here for details of free drop-off points and opening hours of Refuse and Recycling Centres.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 17.56.55

Whatever you decide, please do not fly-tip or bin your tree!

Recycle your Christmas Tree in Croydon – 2016 details

Croydon Council is offering the usual arrangements for recycling of Christmas trees again this year.  Christmas trees can be recycled at the council’s Reuse and Recycle Centres or at specific drop off points across the borough.

You have until 9 January 2016 to leave a tree at one of the special drop-off points for collection starting on Sunday January 3.

christmas tree fir cone

Croydon Council say, 

“With almost one million Christmas trees thrown away each year in London alone – and fewer than 10% of those being recycled – it is important that we remember to recycle our tree.

If you opt for a real Christmas tree this year, do not forget to take it to one of the council’s designated recycling collection points between Friday 1 and Saturday 9 January.

At other times, Christmas trees can be taken to any of the council’s reuse and recycling centres – but please remember to remove all tinsel and decorations before taking it to be recycled.”

Trees needing to be disposed of after 9 January can be taken to one of the borough’s three reuse and recycling centres.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 17.58.50

Christmas tree collection points:

Ashburton Ashburton Park, access from Tenterden Road
Coulsdon East Grange Park, Canon’s Hill
Fairfield Oaks Road/Coombe Road car park
Heathfield Addington Park car park, Gravel Hill
Kenley Kenley Residents’ Association, Oaks Road green
New Addington Central Parade car park
New Addington Fisher’s Farm reuse and recycling centre, North Downs Road
Norbury Granville Gardens car park
Purley Upper Woodcote Village RA,Woodcote Village green
Purley Purley Oaks reuse and recycling centre, Brighton Road
Sanderstead Occasionally Yours, Limpsfield Road
Selsdon Selsdon Recreation Ground, access from Woodlands Gardens
Shirley Monks Orchard green
Shirley Shirley Park RA, Green Court Gardens green
South Norwood Whitehorse Meadow, Parry Road
Upper Norwood Secret Garden, Westow Street
Waddon Wyevale Garden Centre, Waddon Way
Waddon Factory Lane reuse and recycling centre, Factory Lane

This service is for recycling Christmas trees only.  Please remove all decorations before leaving your tree for collection.

Reuse and recycling centres locations and opening times:

Brighton Road, South Croydon, CR8 1DG
Monday to Sunday: 8am – 3.30pm

Factory Lane, West Croydon, CR0 3RL
Monday to Saturday: 7.30am – 4.30pm
Sunday: 8.30am – 4pm

Fishers Farm, North Downs Road, New Addington, CR0 0LB
Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm

Alternatively, a local business, Croydon Treecycle, are offering a collection service for £10 from your home on your regular recycling day.  Click here for details.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 17.56.55

Whatever you decide, please don’t fly-tip or bin your tree!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 18.09.31