Black History Month – YANAH “you Tell Me” workshop

YANAH presents a “You Tell Me” workshop.

Monday 10 November 2014, from 3-6pm at

Croydon BME Forum, 387 London Road, CROYDON CR0 3PB

YANAH poster

About the Event: The event is a workshop where topics of discussion will be focussed on and round ‘Identity Now, Present and Future.

Intent: To focus on making recommendations for a relationship with Croydon Community and its leaders that is appropriate and responsive to the needs of Croydon’s Black Community.

An Opportunity for the Black Community to make silent voices heard; helping to create and reshape access, experience and outcomes (through adolescence to adulthood) for the Black Community.

Context: Croydon is going through a great period of change, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our futures have been considered regarding this period of change. This event aims to have a positive input into what these changes are, what changes are needed and how these changes are implemented in Croydon, in line with the Mayor of London’s commitment to tackling diversity,  improving life chances, removing barriers that prevent people from reaching their full potential.

Key Questions/Topics:

  • Is Black History Month relevant anymore?
  • Do Black People still make history?
  • Black Identity and Culture it’s power and impact
  • Does being a member of the BME community in Croydon have any influence over your life choices? / What does it mean to be Black in Croydon
  • Are there any inequalities faced as a Black person in Croydon?
  • How can we better engage with services?
  • How to make Youth Focussed Projects and Leadership programs more visible and accessible to the Black Youth Community?
  • Promote leadership, Pride, Self-Discipline and Respect / Reinforce values and expectations?

Who Should Attend: Anyone who is 18yrs-24yrs, with an interest in Croydon’s Black Community is welcome to attend this workshop.

Come along with things you would like to express, share topics you would like to discuss or just come along to listen and have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

Doors will open at 2.45pm and we will start promptly at 3pm and finish by 6pm.

Refreshments will be provided.

Can you help?

Rhoannan is looking for a few speakers (10-15 minutes) to share their life experiences within the workshop. These experiences should be both inspirational and motivating, leaving the audience with a renewed sense of hope for the future. If you or someone you know is interested in participating please get in touch with Rhoannan.


Is 20 plenty for Croydon? Arguments for the proposal

There is debate in Croydon as to whether the proposal to introduce20mph zones in Croydon is a good idea, or not.The matter was considered by Croydon Council’s Streets and Environment Scrutiny sub-committee on 16 September 2014. For agenda and reports presented, see
It is understood that there will be an official consultation shortly on the proposed scheme.We are happy to post both sides of the argument, and posts are open to comment, as long as they are not political in nature.
Croydon Cyclists offer information on their website on the matter. See following detailed report has been received from Austen on behalf of the Croydon Cycling Campaign, which is part of the London Cycling Campaign.  You can download it here:
Find Croydon Cyclists on Twitter @CroydonCyclists,  Facebook at and on Yahoo Groups at

IT’S FREEDOM PASS RENEWAL TIME – Look out for your letter

If you are the holder of an older person’s Freedom Pass which expires on 31 March next year Croydon Council are urging you to ensure you renew your pass between November and December so that you can continue to enjoy free travel across the capital.

Any older person in Croydon whose Freedom Pass expires on 31 March next year will receive a letter in the coming weeks explaining how they can renew it. This may come as late as December and the letter will include all details of how to renew.

In addition to free cross-London travel on public transport, the Freedom Pass allows older adults to travel on local bus services throughout England, at certain times, and is Europe’s most comprehensive free travel scheme.

Pass holders are being encouraged to renew online, a straightforward process taking only a few minutes, and helping to reduce costs to the council, which contributes to funding for the Freedom Pass.

Library staff, and advisers with Age UK and Advice Services Croydon will support older residents who would like to renew online but do not have access to their own computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Library computers can be used, but holders should book in advance to be sure of availability. Additionally, the computer terminals in Access Croydon can be used, with no need to book in advance.

Anybody unable to renew online can return the form enclosed with their letter by post. Please note, Freedom Passes cannot be renewed at post office branches.

Once renewed, the new pass can be used straight away.

For more information, visit

East Croydon

Representing Croydon’s view – Quadrants proposed as the way forward

Proposals for a Stronger Communities Partnership board have been put forward, but not all community groups and organisations have been advised of this.

This was raised by a member attending our recent meeting in Sanderstead, with a proposal as to how the Croydon Community groups and Residents’ Association could be best represented.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the proposal.

The background

The following correspondence from David Freeman, Croydon Council’s Voluntary Sector manager,  was received by some but not all the community groups and  Residents’ Associations.

Mr Freeman wrote,

Croydon’s Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) brings together the public, voluntary and business sectors to consider issues which affect Croydon.  Its work is set out in the Community Strategy 2013-18 which can be found on the Council’s website at

The LSP is supported by a number of theme partnerships which look into particular aspects of its work in detail.  The LSP is now setting up a new theme partnership to take an overview of the borough’s communities agenda.  The Stronger Communities Partnership will aim to ensure the people of Croydon have a sense of ambition, pride and belonging by promoting fairness, social cohesion and integration, supporting Croydon’s cultural offer, tackling inequality and providing an environment for a thriving voluntary, community and faith sector.

The SCP will draw its membership from a range of community organisations and the Chair, Councillor Mark Watson, is keen to include representation from residents of the borough who may not see themselves as part of the formal voluntary sector but who are, non the less, very active in their communities.

At the moment there is no umbrella group which covers all residents’ groups and associations.  We have therefore decided to invite residents’ groups and associations which might be interested in participating in the new partnership to meet early in November to discuss how they can be represented on the SCP Board.  The draft Terms of Reference of the SCP Board suggests four representatives for residents’ groups.  While this number is not cast in tablets of stone, the aim of the meeting will be to select/elect four interim representatives to attend the first SCP Board meeting on 11 November and make arrangements for them to report back to the wider group.

Attached is a copy of a letter from Councillor Mark Watson inviting you to participate in the Partnership and a copy of the draft Terms of Reference for the SCP.

The meeting for residents’ groups will be on Monday 3 November at 6.00pm at Bernard Weatherill House, Mint Walk, Croydon.  If you or a colleague from your group would like to attend, please let me know who the representative will be and their contact details so that I can send them full details of the meeting.  There are quite a number of residents’ groups in the borough so I would ask that only one person attends to represent your group or association.

I hope that your group or association would like to contribute to the new partnership and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.


The relevant links can be accessed here:

LSP Communities Partnership Board Terms of Reference cover letter 2014-10-01

LSP Draft Communities Partnership Board Terms of Reference

The way forward:

This was discussed at our meeting in Sanderstead and, in view of the fact that just four residents’ groups are proposed to be represented on this board, it was suggested by attendees at our meeting that the borough be divided into quadrants, each of which could then represent the views of that quadrant.  This would ensure greater coverage of everyone’s views in each quadrant and encourage networking of community groups within a quadrant and across the borough. Surely this is a win win for Croydon.

What do you think?

Did you receive notification, or were you left off the circulation list as some found on the night of our meeting?

Would you support the idea of a network of community and residents groups in quadrants, representing the views of people with an interest in that area?

meeting morgue file image

The meeting to discuss plans is on Monday 3 November.




Free Health Checks for 40 – 74 year olds in Croydon

The need for people aged between 40 and 74 to be particularly aware of their health is being driven home by a new poster campaign launched by Croydon Council.

Anybody within that age group could be eligible for a free NHS Health Check that could help prevent heart disease, a stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and certain types of dementia.

The health check usually takes 30 to 45 minutes and involves a few simple questions about lifestyle and medical history. Height, weight and blood pressure are measured and a finger-prick blood test measures cholesterol.

All results are given at the appointment.

This is part of the council’s Heart Town programme to reduce Croydon’s incidences of heart disease, responsible for a third of all deaths in the borough.

Those who have been diagnosed with heart disease, a stroke, diabetes, kidney disease or high blood pressure are not eligible for the free check as they should already be receiving personalised care.

Eligibility for a free NHS Health Check can be confirmed by visiting  or emailing

For a full list of GP surgeries and pharmacies offering the checks, visit

Download a leaflet : Health Check up leaflet 


Safer Croydon FEAR OF CRIME survey

The Safer Croydon Partnership brings together the Police, Council, Fire, Health, Probation, voluntary, community groups and businesses. Its aim is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Safer Croydon Partnership are conducting this survey to find out how you feel about crime and anti-social behaviour. This helps them to see which locations and issues most concern you, and in turn this helps them direct resources more effectively and efficiently so that all those living, working or visiting Croydon feel safer.

They aim to get 1,000 responses to this survey to provide the Safer Croydon partnership with a base line which will be used to track progress on their strategic objective to Improve public confidence and community engagement.

Please click on the link to complete the survey


CCC AGM & Public Meeting – Monday 24 November 2014

This year’s AGM is scheduled for Monday 24 November at Croydon Town Hall, Katharine Street.

Please join us from 6.30pm for a tea or coffee and the opportunity to network prior to the meeting, in a room near to the council chamber.

The AGM will start at 7pm in the council chamber.

The AGM will be followed by an open public meeting, with no set

We strongly encourage you to book via Eventbrite. This gives you quick entry on the night, allows us to cater adequately for numbers (papers, seating and refreshments), greatly reduces our admin and ensures we have your details to keep you informed.

Places are free and anyone with an interest in Croydon is most welcome to attend any of our meetings.

Interested in getting more involved?

All officers stand down at the AGM, in line with our Constitution, as the committee and officers are elected annually.  Anyone is entitled to stand for committee.

The committee is keen to encourage anyone who is willing to take an active part to come forward for election.

Skills/experience particularly sought:
The current committee has functioned without a Secretary in post for much of the year. This is a key role that must be filled, going forward. This could be a Secretary, willing to take on full duties or a Minutes Secretary to take notes of public meetings and of committee meetings. This role could be shared.

Our Treasurer is not sure at this time whether he will stand again, due to other commitments, so we would welcome hearing from anyone interested in taking on this role.

Anyone with skills in social media and the ability to help run and to develop the website further would also be very welcome as our online presence and the scope of this is an area we’d like to develop further.

A committee member with database or spreadsheet skills would benefit CCC as we’d like to dedicate more time to building up a database of contacts.  A Membership Secretary is needed to keep lists of members up to date, and to build our list of contacts. A dedicated person to maintain existing lists of contacts and to research other links would be extremely useful to further our work. This role could be shared.

There is a place for someone to oversee events, who can check, book and liaise with venues.

Those wishing to stand for election need to be aware of the time commitment involved. Everyone on the committee this year has taken an active role in driving CCC forward and the scope of our work means there is always more that can be done.  A position on CCC committee means taking an active part in plans and a fair share of duties.

Committee roles are voluntary.

The current committee meets at least monthly as well as hosting public meetings at frequent intervals. We also attend other events and meetings to contribute and to keep abreast of issues and developments in Croydon.

To find out more about what is involved or to indicate your intention to stand, please contact the Chair, Elizabeth Ash. Please email or call 07864 676 088.


If you wish to stand for election please make your intention known by Friday 7 November 2014. 

We want to hear from YOU!

The AGM business will be followed by an open forum session to discuss potential for future public meetings,  and anything else those attending wish to raise for discussion. All we ask is that those attending refrain from making any party political statements as CCC is apolitical and open to all views.


It is particularly important that we know the numbers attending so we can order adequate refreshments, print papers, and plan seating.  Please book you place on our Eventbrite page.

If demand exceeds capacity, priority will be given to those who pre-book a place.  If you have difficulty using the booking system please get in touch by emailing or by phoning us.

CCC events are open to everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Download a flyer to display or hand out to help advertise the event CCC AGM notice 2014

UPDATE 5 November 2014

The Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Andy Tarrant, hopes that an officer from Croydon Metropolitan Police will join us at the AGM to provide brief update on policing matters and to take questions from the  floor.


CCC AGM event agenda 2014

AGM mins2013

CCC Accounts 2013-14 AGM