About us

What is Croydon Communities Consortium?

This website was created for Croydon Communities Consortium (CCC).

CCC is a non-party-political forum for anyone with an interest in Croydon and it is administered by members of the CCC committee.

The website and the programme of meetings were launched under the leadership of the new committee, voted in at the AGM in November 2014.

The Constitution was revised at the AGM in July 2019.  Find a copy of this constitution here: CCC constitution v2 – adopted July 2019

Those currently serving on committee, as at August 2022Clive Locke, are:

Chair: Elizabeth Ash

Vice-Chair: Mahbub Sadiq Bhatti

Treasurer: vacant

Secretary: vacant

General committee members:
Clive Locke
Janet Stollery

How did CCC come about?

Croydon Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) were piloted in 2000 and were funded and facilitated by Croydon Council until March 2011.

The Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the NPs saw a real need to continue the work and reformed to create the Croydon Communities Consortium (CCC), to provide a central hub, in order to promote existing NPs which wished to continue and plan for reformation of others and creation of new ones. The CCC received some funding so it could be a resource for all local community/neighbourhood organisations and for continuing communication with local residents borough-wide.

How to follow and engage with CCC

We have a facebook page, which you can find at Croydon Neighbourhoods.

This Facebook page is designed for you to post comments on items of interest or issues of concern in your neighbourhood or in the wider context of Croydon. It is also a hub of information about activities around the borough, with links to other websites for those interested in specific topics which are posted.

You can also find us at @CroydonNbrhoods on Twitter.

You can post comments on our website or raise any point at one of our public meetings.

If you would like to get in touch with the committee or join our list please email us at CroydonNeighbourhoods@gmail.com 

To receive notices of posts on our website, click here:
Follow CCC on WordPress.com

Click the follow button, add your email address to receive notification of posts.

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