Purley Mosque invites you to #VisitMyMosque – 18 Feb 2018

Purley Masjid is taking part in Visit My Mosque in Sunday, 18 February.

People of all faiths and none are welcome to attend.

Drop in and meet your Muslim friends and neighbours.

The approximate schedule
– 11.00am:  Meet & Greet by the Imams
– 11.15am:  PowerPoint Presentation on Islam
– 11.35am:  Q&A session
– 12.00noon:  Tour of Mosque
– 1.15pm:  Observation of early afternoon prayers (silent prayer)
– 4.15pm:  Observation of late afternoon prayers (silent prayer)
– 5.23pm:  Observation of sunset prayers (audible)
– 6.00pm:  End



Norbury Muslim Centre invite the community to their open day – 18 Feb 2018

Norbury Muslim Centre invites the community to their Mosque Open Day on Sunday 18th February 2018.

They hope that local residents will be able to join them for tea and nibbles and to get to know some of their local Muslim neighbours.

Feel free to join them at any time between 12pm and 6pm and feel free to bring a  friend along.

They look forward to welcoming you to what they hope will be a positive step towards building a stronger community together.


Norbury Muslim Centre
1116 London Road
SW16 4DT

If you have any questions, please email admin@norburymuslimcentre.co.uk

Find the centre on Twitter at @NMCtr

Discussing Islam – FREE events at Matthews Yard in Croydon

Have you been to the Discussing Islam events, run at Matthew Yard?  If not, why not drop in to one of the forthcoming sessions…

Rafay, the organiser, writes:

“Dear All from Croydon

My name is Rafay, I work as a surgeon in Croydon and have been here for 4 years. I consider Croydon home.

I have used the many great areas in Croydon to work, relax and have really interesting discussions over the years. I have grown as an individual here and have worked and completed my PhD too, spending much time drinking coffee in Matthews Yard.

Meeting so many different people from all backgrounds led me to initiate a project called Discussing Islam in Croydon based in the gallery at Matthews Yard. I want to provide a relaxed environment to allow anyone from any religion to express your feelings about Islam and to clarify any misconceptions that are present.

The gallery is great, its cosy and has a specific white screen for clear presentations. The events are really flexible. I can start with questions or a format that involves live Quranic recitations and a presentation on a specific area of islam too. This event is for you and I am happy to modify according to your questions.

I principally believe that any problem and any misunderstanding or grievance can be resolved through constructive discussion and engagement.

I really hope that I can be part of the ongoing efforts to bring together the Croydon community in order to promote a progressive and socially responsible society.

My email is md0u812a@mac.com if anyone wishes to get in touch.




Rafay Siddiqui’


To book a place, go to Eventbrite:


The remaining meetings for 2017 are scheduled on Thursdays from 7pm on 12 October, 26 October, 9 November, 23 November, 7 December and 21 December

Discussing Islam can be found at  @islam_discuss on Twitter. The events are held fortnightly at  to educate people and discuss the religion of Islam. There is free cake, coffee and Koran at the meetings….


Follow at @islam_discuss on Twitter

Free Coffee! Free Cake! Free Koran! Breaking down barriers

Discussing Islam can be found at  @islam_discuss on Twitter. The group holds fortnightly meetings at  to educate people and discuss the religion of Islam. There is free cake, coffee and Koran at the meetings….

Rafay, the organiser, writes,

“We live in a world with many different religions and cultures. Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. In England 1 in 20 are Muslims and this regular event is being held so that anyone can come and ask questions to learn about Islam in a chilled out environment.

No questions are barred (about Islam and Muslims) so come and learn about Muslims and get answers to the questions that you’ve perhaps never been able to get access to.

The aim is to try and give you the spectrum of the Islamic view on issues and also what the general majority feel is the most appropriate way.

In addition, the group hope to deliver a comprehensive introductory course to Islam over a period of a few sessions.


I’d really love to see anyone who fancies a coffee and wants to discuss Islam with me, listen to some live Quran recitation, and hopefully make friends with others too!

I’d love to hear your views on recent events and how they impact on you and also whether knowing about Islam could be useful in your workplace.

It happens every fortnight on a Thursday in the gallery in Matthews Yard, 1 Surrey Street, Croydon near the Surrey Street Market.”

The next sessions are is on 28th September & then 12th October 2017.


Follow at @islam_discuss on Twitter