Directly Elected Mayor of Croydon – arguments for and against

DEMOC, the campaign for a directly elected mayor of Croydon, is currently underway, with a further public launch meeting for Kenley in a Purley venue on 27 February 2020. Details here.

This follows launch meetings in Purley, Sanderstead and Old Coulsdon, with mention of a meeting in Shirley still in the planning stage.

The campaign is not proposing to debate the merits for or against a directly elected mayor, and will leave that to others should the requisite number of signatures be obtained to force a referendum.

BUT that seems rather late to have the debate, particularly if people are being asked to support a referendum on this issue without knowing the arguments for and against, and given the cost of holding a referendum.

Don’t residents need to understand the implications to make an informed decision?

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Petition to Croydon Council – We demand that Croydon scrap their plans to dispose of 195 sq m of land around Heath Lodge

Friends of Grangewood Park are asking people to please sign the petition to support a call for Croydon council to scrap their plans to dispose of 195 sq m of land around Heath Lodge located in Grangewood Park.

Written objections and views are also sought.

Friends of Grangewood Park’s image used in the petition

The petition to Croydon Council reads,

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#Croydon… What are the big issues that matter to you in this election? Your chance to be interviewed by BBC News Channel this Thursday!

A team from the BBC News Channel is coming to Croydon, this Thursday 5 December, and will be broadcasting from Croydon all day as part of their trip across the country to different locations in the run-up to the general election.

They want to interview members of the public in Croydon on what are the big issues to them.

person dropping paper on box

Photo by Element5 Digital on

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Young undecided first-time voters in Croydon wanted for BBC Newsbeat radio recording on Weds 4 Dec

18 to 20 years of age?

Voting for the first time?

Fancy putting your questions to the politicians?

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat wants to hear from YOU!

grayscale photo of man wearing hoodie jacket

Photo by Guillaume Meurice on


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Mayor of Croydon’s newsletter 2 – July-August 2019

The Mayor and Mayoress at the Inaugural dinner…. an image from the first newsletter

The Mayor of Croydon, Cllr Humayun Kabir, is producing newsletters to record his activities during his term of office.

Here is the second, with details of the Mayoral engagements and future events planned.



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