Healthwatch Croydon event on teenage sexual health services

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Healthwatch Croydon
Carers’ Support Centre
24 George Street
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Healthwatch Croydon forum – 3 November 2016 – All welcome

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Healthwatch Croydon is the official ‘patient voice’ across the Borough for health and social care service users.

The Healthwatch Croydon Forum, meeting quarterly, advises on our priorities and associated work programmes.

You are invited to the next event which is about the NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).

The health service in its current format is unsustainable, and ‘doing nothing is not an option’. As part of its ‘Five Year Forward View’ the NHS has drafted a range of proposals to make services more efficient and integrated, while at the same time, increasing quality. The proposals on primary and acute care will be considered at this event.


Thursday 3rd November, 11am – 2pm

Mind in Croydon, 10 Altyre Road, East Croydon, CR0 5LA

11.00 – Registration
11.15 – Welcome
11.20 – Presentation – What is the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)?
11.35 – Workshop 1: Primary Care – How can we maximise treatment, care and support in the community, and reduce hospital admissions?
12.15 – Lunch and Feedback wall
13.00 – Workshop 2: Acute Care – Every hospital does not have to provide every service. How can we pool services regionally, and make best use of clinicians?
13.40 – Next steps – how can we work effectively with the NHS, to ensure patients, carers and residents are heard?
14.00 – Close

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Twitter: @HealthwatchCR0

Healthwatch Croydon’s Annual meeting and Fair – ALL WELCOME!

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Healthwatch Croydon, the people’s champion for better health and social care in the borough, are holding their Annual Meeting on Wednesday 5 October at 11.30 to 14.30 at the Community Space at Bernard Weatherill House, Mint Walk, CR0 1EA, Croydon.screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-12-37-15

Healthwatch Croydon welcomes you to join them for the event. They will present what they have achieved in the last 12 months, plans for the coming year, and there will be a guest speaker and workshop under the theme of How will changes in Croydon’s GP services affect you?

Light refreshments will follow the event, where there is the opportunity to network with other health and social care organisations.

Please book your space via as soon as possible.  If you cannot access the internet, please call 020 8663 5648 to register your place.


Healthwatch Croydon
24 George Street

Tel: 020 8663 5648


Is Healthwatch Croydon meeting your expectations?

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Tell Healthwatch Croydon about your experiences with health and social care services

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Darren Morgan writes,

Healthwatch Croydon listens to people’s views and experiences of local health and social care services.

Around 300 stories each week reach our office, and thanks to the work of our Patient Experience Panel, our database now contains 10,000 items of processed intelligence. To mark this, we thought we would share with you some of the findings of this collective experience.

The 3,674 comments in our database tell us that patient sentiment is positive overall, with compliments on the quality of treatment and customer service received. However, there is some negativity around appointment booking, with congested telephones and waits of days (or more) to see a GP of choice cited. 84 people tell us they don’t even have a named GP, perhaps this is a sign of things to come?

Hospital and Community Health
Of the 3,309 experiences recorded, we are pleased to say that the majority have praised the customer service received. Indeed, it is good to see compassion, dignity and respect upheld by those we rely on. It is not all good news though, as 200 people complain about waiting lists and 214 have had trouble getting through on the phone. Although the service itself may be good, it is not always as responsive as we would all like, and carers and family members would like to be involved more.

Mental Health
There is a perception, reflected in the news, that mental health services, in particular, are not adequately funded – this is borne out by long waiting lists. However, the 2,407 experiences in our database are largely positive about the quality of service overall. That said, some people feel they are not being ‘listened to’, involved in decisions about them, or aware of what is in their care plan. 150 people also express anxiety about medication and its side effects.

Social Care
The 528 comments on our database suggest that residents are satisfied with services as a whole, particularly those in residential care. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of social isolation, with residents receiving home support voicing a ‘lack of stimulation and life quality’. The availability of information and advice may be a key problem as many people say they are not aware of services and their entitlements.

We have attached a booklet, containing a selection of the 10,000 stories on the database.


We would like to encourage residents and professionals alike to confide in us with their experiences – the more information we get, the sharper our focus will be.

If you have an interest in health and social care related issues, why not join our Patient Experience Panel?

Kind regards

Darren Morgan
Community Analyst
020 8663 5635

Download the booklet, Your Stories – HWC booklet.

Grassroots funding opportunity from Healthwatch Croydon

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Would you like to hold an event/activity for your local group or community?

Healthwatch Croydon is offering grants of between £500 and £1,000 to run one-off activities or events with local people.

Why are they funding this?
The NHS in south-west London, and Surrey Downs, is working with Healthwatch Croydon to engage with local people on what they think of local health services.

They would particularly like the involvement of people who do not normally share their views about local services (seldom heard communities).

What can the money be used for?
They would like to fund activities and events that would be enjoyable to local people. Examples include dinner dances, pottery classes, fun days, drop in sessions and afternoon teas.

The local NHS would like to attend the events and activities and spend part of the time talking to local people about their experience of using local services. People who attend the event will also be invited to stay in touch with the local NHS and continue to share their views in the future.

Who can apply for the funding?

Local groups and voluntary sector organisations who work with or support:
people from groups with protected characteristics – including, older people, younger people, people with physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health conditions, transgender people, LGBQ communities, pregnant women and those who have recently given birth, people from different races and of different religions, men and women, carers, socio-economically deprived communities, the working population and other groups identified by local Healthwatch organisations as seldom heard.

All events/activities need to be held by the end of 2016.

To apply for funding, or for more information, please contact Darren Morgan, Community Analyst on 020 8663 5635 or email


CCC’s recent community engagement meeting with Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group

Healthwatch Croydon call for views from over 65s, recently discharged from Croydon University Hospital – Meeting on 9 Feb 2016

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To mark the release of a new research report in to the experiences of those aged 65 and over being discharged from Croydon University Hospital, Healthwatch Croydon and Age UK Croydon are organising a public meeting to further gain views and experiences on this important issue.

The outcomes of this meeting will be fed back to decision-makers including the Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.

It is open to all residents and carers of residents living in Croydon to attend.

Refreshments will be provided.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.31.01

For booking, please go to or call 020 8680 5450.


Healthwatch Croydon call for more volunteers to support their work. Could YOU help?

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Healthwatch Croydon, the official consumer champion for local health and social care services in Croydon, is looking to recruit volunteers to undertake a range of activities.

Healthwatch Croydon makes a difference to health and social care services in the borough by receiving the views of residents, analysing the comments anonymously, and reporting back to key decision-makers like the local NHS Trust, Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Care Quality Commission.

But they cannot do it without volunteers, residents like yourself. At each stage of the process you could have a role – from gaining views from residents and analysing comments, to promoting what Healthwatch Croydon does in the community and representing Healthwatch Croydon at a number of community meetings and events.

Every role makes a difference.

Roles on offer are diverse and include working both in the office at George Street and positions within the community. High quality in-house training is provided, so no experience is required, just a commitment to want to see better health and social care services in response to residents’ need.

High quality in-house training is provided, so no experience is required, just a commitment and desire to see better health and social care services in response to residents’ need.

Healthwatch Croydon welcome all ages, experience and backgrounds. They want all residents to be involved in Healthwatch Croydon, and can even create a role based around you and the time you can give us.  Just get in touch!

If you would like to volunteer, or want to find out more, simply email Darren on or phone  020 8663 5635.

Healthwatch Croydon’s call for views on Urgent Care and Emergency Services – 23 November 2015

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Are you concerned about Croydon’s Urgent Care and Emergency Services?

Give your views at Healthwatch Croydon’s Public Meeting on

Monday 23 November
12 noon to 2pm
Community Space
Bernard Weatherill House

Croydon has the longest response times for Ambulance services in London, and there is concern about the delivery of urgent care services as well.

This meeting will begin with a short speaker discussion including Malcolm Alexander, Chair, London Ambulance Service Patients’ Forum, but the main focus is on your experiences of urgent care and emergency services.

The outcome of this meeting will be fed back to decision-makers such as the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Book at

For those not online, please book by calling 020 8663 5648.

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Please help advertise this meeting.  download a poster here to display or share. Urgent Care and Emergency Services poster

Healthwatch Croydon’s call to Croydon PPGs

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Healthwatch, set up as part of the Health and Social Care Act, is the independent ‘official patient voice’ across England. Healthwatch finds out what people think of health and social care services, good and bad, and bring this information to managers and commissioners so that services may improve.

As part of their work Healthwatch Croydon routinely monitor GP Practices and currently have around 2,000 items of intelligence about GPs in Croydon.

Healthwatch Croydon would like to know what Patient Participation Groups (PPGS) thinks about their GP Practices, so that your experience forms part of their overall intelligence. In return, as in other parts of London,Healthwatch can provide your PPG with trends analysis reports on request, providing an insight into your Practice’s strengths and weaknesses – issues that could be addressed at PPG Meetings.

If you are on a PPG committee and would like to work more closely with Healthwatch, simply get in touch!

Darren Morgan
Community Analyst
020 8663


Healthwatch Croydon advisory forum – 5 November 2015 – All welcome

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Healthwatch Croydon is the official ‘patient voice’ across the Borough for health and social care service users.

Want to improve Croydon’s health and social care services?

Join Croydon Healthwatch at their Advisory Forum Open Evening Thursday 5 November 4pm to 6pm

Mind in Croydon, 10 Altyre Road, East Croydon, CR0 5LA

The Healthwatch Croydon Advisory Forum is the health and social care eyes and ears of Croydon.

They are looking for volunteers to be members of the Forum reflecting all ages and backgrounds. Their role is to inform the Healthwatch Croydon Board and staff of current health and social care issues and enable decisions to be made that reflect the community’s perspective.

This is an opportunity to find out more about what the Advisory Group does, vote for a new chair and vice-chair or consider running for a role yourself.

Book your place:

For those not online, please book by calling 020 8663 5648.

Healthwatch Croydon champions local health and social care services responding to your voice.

Download a flyer Healthwatch Advisory Event Poster.