CCC Public Meeting – Shirley – 14 Jan 2014

Please join us on the 14th January in Shirley for our first public meeting of 2014. Full details can be found here. Our events are open to everyone.  You do not need to represent a group or organisation to attend. You do not need to live in the area where the meeting is held in order to attend. Please book a free place on Eventbrite here: Join our mailing list to get an invitation to our events and occasional updates via email. SCCA If you are able to display or distribute posters and fliers to advertise the meeting you can download them here or email us if you would like hard copies. CCC A5 flier Shirley CCC A5 flier Shirley colour

CCC A5 flier Shirley FINAL colour p2

CCC A4 poster Shirley


CCC – An update


CCC heading

Name, website and social media accounts

Those who attended our AGM, and public meeting following this, will know that we intend to develop the website after a working group has explored a renaming, as ‘Croydon Communities Consortium’ is certainly a mouthful and does not truly reflect what CCC was set up to do. CCC aims to engage, to act as a forum to explore issues, to actively encourage debate, to share information and to follow up on the issues that matter to Croydon. We also plan to align the Twitter and Facebook accounts to the new name at this point.

We are in the process of updating information on our website over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for more news. An update will be provided at Public meetings too.

Public MeetingsSCCA

The committee met again today to plan for the public meeting in Shirley on the 14th January. This is open to anyone with an interest in Croydon and not limited to the area where the meeting is held, as are all our public meetings. We are pleased to see that the bookings so far reflect interest from different parts of the borough.

If you haven’t booked a place yet, please do. It is free to attend. We are using Eventbrite – an online booking system – to manage bookings. You need only provide your name and email details but can leave your phone number and other details if you wish.

The committee will hold your details securely and they will not be disclosed to any external sources without consent.

We discussed the planning of two further meetings; one in Old Coulsdon in February and another to be held in a central location on the subject of Rubbish – refuse, recycling and fly tipping. The details will appear on our website shortly.

Our current status

At this point, although CCC received funding via a small grant from Croydon Council, the current committee have no access to these funds, nor did the working group before them.

It is worth noting that were it not for the hours of time given by those who pushed for answers from the outgoing committee – a committee finally whittled down to just three officers in the end  – for those who stood on the working group, and for those currently stepping up to the plate on the new committee, that the funding would have been clawed back.  More importantly though, the forum for independent debate and engagement on issues important to Croydon would have been lost.

Please bear in mind that the working group and the current committee are funding current activity out of their own purses and much has been achieved already.

The working group and the new committee have achieved:

  • calling a halt to an unaccountable AGM process and establishing an AGM that is open to all
  • launching a website that informs of activities, following on from no information and no public meetings in a year of operation.
  • taking control of the Facebook and Twitter accounts so that the community run accounts are really community run!
  • development and adoption of a transparent, accountable and inclusive constitution, following public consultation
  • widening of the remit of CCC so that anyone with an interest in Croydon can take part
  • planning a series of meetings to improve community engagement and secure the small grants funding received
  • producing publicity materials, securing venues and providing refreshments for meetings.

There are more plans afoot but these are on hold until the funds are released to us by the outgoing officers.

Can you help?

Join us at one of our meetings. Meetings are open to all and are free.  To help us cater for and manage the events we are using Eventbrite – an online registration system.  All your details will be held securely and not shared without your consent.

Join our mailing list to be kept in the loop. Click here to access.

Help spread the word. If you are able to advertise the next event in Shirley or any other event please get in touch.  We have posters and fliers that we can send you and PDFs to share via email.

Microphones If you are able to help us with suitable equipment to amplify those speaking at our meetings, or have suggestions, please get in touch.

CCC- Public Meeting – Shirley

Public Meeting

Tuesday, 14th January, 2014
The Shirley Community Centre
Shrublands Road


This is the first in a series of meetings across the London Borough of Croydon in 2014, being organised by a new committee to enable anyone with an interest in Croydon to share their views on what matters to them.

CCC meetings offer a forum for expressing views, making links and networking. It is entirely separate from Question Time, which is owned and run by Croydon Council.

Anyone with an interest in Croydon can attend. You do not need to live or work in Shirley to attend this meeting.

What is Croydon Communities Consortium (CCC)?

CCC aims to:

  • provide more transparency and engagement in local issues
  • facilitate open debate
  • aid exchange and dissemination of information
  • act as a central point of contact.

It is apolitical and open to all views.
The committee are voted in each year at a public AGM.
Anyone with an interest in Croydon is welcome to attend meetings or stand for committee. You need not represent an organisation.

Booking a place:

Please book your free place on Eventbrite by clicking the link below:

CCC – Public Meeting – Shirley

This will speed up registration and means you won’t need to provide details on the night.

Booking via Eventbrite, whether or not you bring your ticket with you, will speed up your entry, so please do book or email us so we can sort out registration ahead of the event.

We can register you manually on the night if you haven’t booked, and places are still available, but this may mean queuing and delayed entry.

On the night:

Doors open at 7pm. After registration, tea and coffee will be available, and an opportunity for informal networking.

The meeting will start promptly at 7.30pm. After introductions and a brief update from the committee, the meeting will be opened up to the floor. This is your chance to hear the views of others and to have your say or to share information.

Please help spread the word!

For further information:


Find us on Twitter @CroydonNbrhoods

And on Facebook: Croydon Neighbourhoods

If you have difficulty booking or have any other queries please email us or use the contact organiser button on the Eventbrite site.