Notes of meeting – Oct 2019 – Croydon Libraries and more

Thank you!
Thanks to those who attended our meeting. Apologies from Cllr Margaret Bird and Cllr Simon Brew and Cllr Helen Pollard were noted.

Dawn Gibbons, in her capacity as Unison rep for library workers in Croydon, was welcomed to the meeting.

A display of local information was made available on the night, with copies to take away.

Notices and notes of meeting
The updates and notices of meeting were posted after the meeting.  Find them here.

The notes of the meeting were agreed with Dawn Gibbons and anyone wishing to proof them prior to publication. 

You can access them here: 2019_10_17 FINAL

The relevant documents mentioned are linked in the notes of meeting but can also be accessed here:

Culture and library plan report to Cabinet

Equality Analysis presented to Cabinet

Library Plan 2019-2028

Red Quadrant Report

As with all our meetings, if you have any feedback on this meeting or our activities we’d welcome hearing from you.

Next public meeting
The next meeting will be on 26 November, 2019.

Please watch our website for details of future meetings, and book a free place via Eventbrite at 

You can email us at

We’d appreciate it if you would help spread the word about our meetings.

And you can always become a member to support our work

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