The BIG Conversation for 12 to 24 year olds in #Croydon – 22 July 2019

Booking required.

Book your place via or phone 020 8684 3719.

This event is organised by the Croydon BME Forum and will be held in the Council Chambers, Croydon Town Hall, Katharine Street, CROYDON, CR9 1XW


Croydon BME Forum
56a Mitcham Road

Phone: 020 8684 3719




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Croydon Safer Neighbourhood newsletter – 1 Mar 2019

Inspector Steve Warnes is the Inspector for all of the Croydon Neighbourhood Teams.

The following update from him shares news of what the Safer Neighbourhood Teams are doing and gives an overview of what’s happening on the rest of the borough. This is being produced as he is keen for more of the community to know what the local police are doing.

Inspector Warnes writes, 

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