Notes of meeting – May 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting in central Croydon on Monday 12 April, 2017.

Notices and notes of meeting

The notices of meeting were posted up after the meeting.  Find them here.

The notes of meeting were agreed by those attending before finalising.  

You can access them here: Notes of meeting 10_05_2017

A list of questions and points made at this meeting has been drawn up and these will go to the Council for comment.  The result of this will be posted on the website.

As with all our meetings, if you have any feedback on this meeting or our activities we’d welcome hearing from you.

Next public meeting
Our meeting for June was cancelled as it was due to be held close to the General Election. The next meeting is our AGM, scheduled for Tuesday 4 July 2017.  This will be advertised shortly.

Please watch our website for details of this and future meetings, and book a free place via Eventbrite at 

You can email us at

We’d appreciate it if you would help spread the word about our meetings.

And you can always become a member to support our work

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Public Meeting – Rubbish revisited! Weds 10 May 2017

Three years on from our first meeting on the subject and due to continued borough-wide interest, the committee is pleased to announce a public meeting to follow up on the subject.

RUBBISH revisited!

Everyone’s talking about refuse, recycling and flytipping; a borough-wide issue.


Please join us for our public meeting in the hall to the rear of:

St. Michael and All Angels with St. James
Poplar Walk

Enter via the gate to the left of the Church.

Please book a free place to attend.

St Michael front

Questions & comments:
Please provide these as soon as possible and at least a fortnight prior to the meeting.  You can do as a comment of this post. Alternatively, you can email us and we will post for you.

Please keep questions and comments short and to the point.

A council officer has agreed to provide a response.  All councillors are also invited to attend.

Download a flyer to share, here: RUBBISH! Refuse, Recycling and Flytipping.

On the night:
Doors open at 7pm. After registration, tea and coffee will be available, and an opportunity for informal networking. There will be community information on display.

The meeting will start at 7.30pm with brief introductions and notices.

This is your chance to express your views and get questions on the subject answered.

Please book a place
If you have difficulty booking or have any other queries please email us at

Who can attend?
Anyone with an interest in Croydon.

Is there a cost?
No. Places are free.

Do I need to book a place?
Yes, please. This will speed up registration and means you won’t need to provide details on the night.

We can register you manually on the night if you haven’t booked and if places are still available but this may mean queuing, delayed entry and potentially delaying the start of the meeting which we’d prefer to avoid.

Booking via Eventbrite, whether or not you bring your ticket with you, will speed up your entry, so please do book or email us so we can sort out registration ahead of the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Those who pre-book will be given preference if numbers exceed capacity at any meeting.

Is this council led or run?
No. CCC is an independent group run by Croydon residents. CCC is partly funded by a small grant from Croydon Council but is independent of the council.

Are meetings and activities aligned to any political party?
CCC is strictly apolitical. Everyone attending is asked to respect this in the comments made during meetings and in any literature brought to the meeting.

Is the venue accessible?
Yes. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Parking can be provided for blue badge holders with prior notice so please get in touch well before the meeting so arrangements can be made.

There is no hearing loop.


There will also be local information on display and copies to take away.

Our meetings are open to all and are strictly apolitical.


Donations to Purley Food Hub
We will be collecting donations for Purley Food Hub again at this meeting.  The list for May 2017 is here. Canned fruit, canned vegetables, tinned meat, can openers and basic toiletries are always welcome.

Getting there:
There is no general parking available at this venue, but its central location with good transport links. We may be able to cater for blue badge holders, so please get in touch well ahead of the event if this applies to you.

The hall is to the rear of the Church, accessed through the gate in the fencing to the left of the main Church entrance.

Want to receive notices of this and future events?
You can also join our mailing list to get an invitation to our events and occasional updates via email by emailing


Questions and points offered prior to the meeting are listed below in the comments.

The photo below was taken by a resident, showing the mess the morning following two bag bags being dumped the night before.

These photos relate to question 6



Notes of meeting – March 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting in central Croydon on Monday 16 January, 2017.


Notices and notes of meeting

The notices of meeting were posted up after the meeting.  Find them here.


The notes of meeting were agreed by those attending before finalising.  

You can access them here: Notes of meeting 14_03_2017

The donations of food items received at this meeting were delivered to Purley Food Hub and were gratefully received.

As with all our meetings, if you have any feedback on this meeting or our activities we’d welcome hearing from you.

Next public meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 12 April 2017.  Please book a place if you plan to attend.

This meeting will focus specifically on discussing on ways to monitor and tackle air pollution in Croydon.

Why not book a place to hear about the Clean Air 4 Communities scheme, run by London Sustainability Exchange?  There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and there will be training provided on the night. You can then decide whether or not this is of interest to you and gain support from others in Croydon if you decide you’d like to get involved. See full details here.

May’s meeting is being planned and booking will be announced shortly. This meeting will revisit the thorny issue of Rubbish – Refuse, recycling and fly-tipping.

Please watch our website for details of this and future meetings, and book a free place via Eventbrite at 

You can email us at

We’d appreciate it if you would help spread the word about our meetings.

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Permits needed to use Recycling Centres in Croydon from 3 April 2017

From 3 April 2017 you need a permit to use any of Croydon’s three Household Reuse and Recycling Centres (HRRCs). The Council has introduced the scheme to reduce waiting times at the sites and to ensure that only Croydon residents use the sites. a

The permits are free. In order to get a permit you need to bring along two pieces of ID from a list of acceptable documents, one being photo ID.

See the council website for full details, here.


Update on Croydon’s Refuse and Recycling

Following questions raised at our meeting in South Norwood in May 2015, a council officer has kindly provided the following update and clarification, copied to Cllr Stuart Collins who has responsibility for this area: 

Don’t Mess with Croydon continues to achieve really positive results. 

Headlines include:

  • Clearing over 80% of reported fly tips within 48 hours.  This has improved from 72 hours in the previous year.
  • Issuing over 100 Fixed Penalty Notices per month for environmental offences – an increase from around 40 per month in the previous year
  • We now have 10 successful prosecutions for fly-tipping offences since June 2014 – more than we have ever done before.  We are in Court with a further two cases in early May and have more in the pipeline.
  • 658 visits to shops and businesses since June 2014 to ensure that they have trade waste contracts and are disposing of rubbish correctly.
  • 215 street champions signed up with clear up events taking place across the Borough practically every weekend.
  • We have Improved facilities for recycling and disposal of waste in a number of locations where these are limited e.g. for flats above shops.  The length of Portland Road will receive these new bins in the next couple of weeks
  • Taking action to get owners of eyesore front gardens to get them to tidy up.

The Council produces a monthly dashboard so you can keep up to date with progress using this.  The link is as follows:

Provided by:

Andy Opie
Director of Safety

The following points were clarified:

Issuing fines for fly-tipping
CCC: We understand that fine process for fly-tipping has been simplified i.e. rather than a laborious process as before, less time is spent on checking and verifying/double checking.  The process of issuing fines is now swift, with the onus on the person identified and served with a notice to refute the claim that they were directly responsible for the fly-tip/mess found with evidence pointing to it belonging to them. e.g. correspondence with name/address.

Is this true?  If so, please would you explain so we represent this new approach accurately?

Council: No, this isn’t the case.  If anything, the opposite is true.  The Council are keen to make sure that every fine that is issued has the required level of evidence to ensure that we can prosecute if the fine is unpaid.  Each case is different, but this may require follow up checks, interviews and other investigative work.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.07.07

Street Champions
CCC: What are Street Champions and what is their role?

Council: Details are on the following link:

New Recycling facilities
Re your penultimate point – New recycling facilities – we note that someone has tweeted a pic of a bulk food recycling bin for a flat.  Is this something new and is this what you are referring to? Greater detail would be appreciated.

Council: No, the food waste bins are not new.  What I was referring to is new dual bins that will be installed on Portland Rd shortly.  These will be in addition to the existing street litter bins and will provide facilities for residents without storage capacity for wheelie bins to dispose of their household waste and to recycle without the need to leave it on the street.

Removal of dead animals
A minor point. I also wonder whether the rapid removal of dead animals is a new thing, and if so, please provide text on this. I reported a chicken, presumably savaged by a fox, near to my home.  It was removed within hours. I see Johnny Rose has reported a dead fox via Twitter today, rapidly noted for collection.

Council: This is something that the Council has already tried to do quickly but is helpful to know that we have provided a good service for you recently.

The app
CCC: Some report this works extremely well. Others have had issues due to the operating system required.  Has this been noted and/or resolved?

Council: The Council are constantly reviewing the use of the app and ensuring that it is working effectively.  The number of reports on the app increases every month, which shows that it is working.  However, we accept that it doesn’t work perfectly for everyone all the time.  If anyone is experiencing difficulties please ensure that these are reported to the Council so that they can be investigated and rectified.
Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.08.57

Follow-up meeting
CCC: We held a meeting with Tony Brooks last year and we would like to repeat that sometime in the near future.

Council: Yes.  That would be possible.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.08.28


CCC AGM 2014 and public meeting event – Update

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM and public meeting event.

Photo taken by attendee, Peter Underwood, and tweeted by @GreenPeterU on Twitter

Photo taken by attendee, Peter Underwood, and tweeted by @GreenPeterU on Twitter – just one snap of the number assembled for the AGM and public meeting that followed.  The full list of attendees in noted in minutes and notes for this evening.

The committee are aware of ongoing misinformation in circulation about CCC meetings and activities. The committee have therefore taken the decision to produce detailed minutes for the AGM and for notes of the public meeting that followed.

We hope these records will allow anyone with an interest to see what occurred throughout the evening, and who attended. The full content of the Chair’s report, presented on the night, is also attached.

CCC AGM minutes 2014

AGM Chair’s report

CCC Accounts 2013-14 AGM

Notes of public meeting following AGM

The committee welcome speaking with anyone who has any questions or comments.  Please email us at or call/text us on 07864 676 088.

Going forward
This completes the first year of the new committee being in post, with a year of funding yet to run.  It is the committee’s intention to reset the AGM date back to the original date of June/July to bring the meeting closer to the reporting period for the accounts.

Our next public meeting will be held in central Croydon on 28 January 2015.  This will be the first meeting to alter the existing ‘no agenda’ format of our meetings. This is being trialled in response to suggestions made at the AGM event.  We are looking for a few topics to kick off the meeting.  To indicate an interest in tabling a topic or item for discussion, please indicate by adding it as a comment at the foot of the event specific post, here.

Forward meeting dates and venues will be announced as soon as finalised but current plans are February – South Croydon, March – New Addington, April – South Norwood, May – Ashburton, June – Selsdon, July – AGM Central Croydon

As with all our events, everyone is very welcome to attend.

Booking via Eventbrite is appreciated to help us cater for numbers.  Manual registration on the night takes time, which may also delay the start of the meeting.  This is something CCC would prefer to avoid.

Willing volunteers always welcome
The committee continues to seek people willing to take an active role on committee in order to expand the work of CCC. Someone who could act as Secretary is high priority for the organisation. People with time to commit or with other skills would also be welcomed.  All posts are voluntary and our work is strictly apolitical.

Appeal for information and evidence
The committee also continues to seek information relating to the allegations in regard to activities of our ex Vice Chair. If you have any information to substantiate the allegations, including that this was intentional and/or repeated, or any information about complaints lodged, we would welcome receiving this information. We continue to work with others across Croydon communities to investigate this matter.



Notes of meeting – Sanderstead – Oct 2014 – & Updates

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting in Sanderstead and to the organisations and individuals who helped us advertise the event. This was the last public meeting before our AGM.


Notes of Meeting
The notices from the meeting were put on the website after the meeting and the the notes of the meeting were agreed by those attending.


Follow up from this and other meetings

There were several points raised at this meeting, which Cllr Yvette Hopley fed back on extremely promptly. Please see:

New bus routes

Proposed new bus route, including Purley Downs Road,
followed by our post on the proposed routes and consultation exercise, when they went live.

peposed extension to Purley of 359

Green belt / Riddlesdown
Update on land opposite entrance to Riddlesdown Collegiate, Purley

Ridds fencing wide view

Is 20 plenty?

Another issue raised at this meeting was the debate on the introduction of 20 MPH zones in Croydon. CCC do not take a position on this but are happy to provide links to any information, and to the official council consultation, when available.

The for argument, put forward by Croydon Cyclists Campaign, can be found here, and we will add any posts and comments offered, as long as they are not party political.

Community Representation

Another issue raised was the Council’s proposal to form a Stronger Communities Partnership.  CCC were not alone in not receiving details. A quadrant approach was proposed at the meeting, to better represent Residents’ Associations and community groups, as only four places are proposed as part of this to represent the whole borough.

This seems a sensible approach as it would mean all areas were represented. It has the added advantage that it would lead to greater engagement within and across communities, and allow local community groups and Residents’ Associations to share information and expertise. It would build communities.  See Quadrants proposed as the way forward for details, or to comment.

Are you aware of the meeting on this tomorrow evening?

Policing update

Police presence was sought, and agreed, to provide notice of issues relevant to the area and the wider community, and for the officer to take questions from the floor.  We do not know at this time why an officer from Sanderstead policing team did not attend the meeting, as agreed.

We have asked for an update, but received no reply, to date. If a reply is received, this will be posted.

Points raised at other meetings

CCC and individuals from our other meetings continue to pursue answers to questions raised at previous meetings and the outcome of these will be posted on our website, when known.

Committee Update

We were pleased to be supported at this meeting by Mark Johnson, who was a founding member of CCC.

The committee were delighted to welcome Mark onto the CCC committee at the committee meeting following this meeting. Mark has attended several of our public and committee meetings, and also offered the CCC committee a great deal of support in sorting out access to the CCC bank account when difficulties arose.

A brief statement, referred to in the notes of meeting, was read to this meeting at the outset.

In order to ensure the ongoing work of CCC, our Vice Chair, Clive Locke, took the decision to stand down from CCC, as, had he not done so, our small grants funding would have been removed by the council.

CCC appreciate this act and are committed to work with Broad Green Business Forum and other individuals and community groups to resolve the matter.

As we do not have full details, we trust all will appreciate that it would not be appropriate for us to make comment further, without the full facts.

If you have any feedback on this meeting or our activities we’d welcome hearing from you.


Next public meeting
Our next public meeting is our AGM Event on Monday 24 November 2014.

As with all our events, everyone is very welcome to attend.Booking via Eventbrite is appreciated to help us cater for numbers.  This is particularly important for the AGM Event. We need to set up rooms for numbers attending, refreshments need to be ordered in for this event at considerable cost as a condition of booking, and we need to print adequate papers for the meeting.

Manual registration on the night takes time, which may also delay the start of the AGM and meeting.  This is something we’d like to avoid.

We are looking for people who are willing to take an active role on committee.  If you are interested, please get in touch by Friday 7 November.