Reconvened AGM – 15 Nov 2013

Prior to the meeting:

The working group set up the reconvened AGM, having carried out many tasks in the intervening months, including trying to find contact details for all members of the previous committee, trying to ascertain what funds were still held by CCC and see the assets referred to in the accounts presented.

A meeting was also held with David Freeman, Croydon Council’s Voluntary Sector Manager, to establish exactly what had been agreed under the terms of the funding agreement and what actions would have to be taken in order to keep that funding. A deadline of October was set before funds might be recalled.  This was extended to the end of November when the difficulties the working group were experiencing became apparent.

The working group also put together a new Constitution to propose for adoption at the reconvened AGM. This was based on a model constitution from the Charity Commission. It opened up the membership so that anyone with an interest in Croydon could attend public meetings, not just representatives of groups. It set out a clearer, more accountable election process where all officers and committee members step down at the AGM but could stand for re-election.

Notice of the reconvened AGM scheduled for Friday 15 November 2013 was placed on the website and promoted via social media by the working group who now ran the accounts. As no database of members was available Margot Rohan in Democratic Services sent an email out to all on her circulation list.  This included all councillors, every resident association and many other groups. The working group also sent out notices to everyone on the list of contacts that they were rebuilding. A flyer was also produced for downloading.

Details of the arrangements and papers can be found here.

meeting room

The Reconvened AGM

After the meeting the new committee posted a summary of the AGM and waited for the minutes.

In the absence of the minutes that the outgoing Secretary promised to produce, the committee took the decision to produce notes of the AGM and the Public Meeting that followed.

These took time to produce as the new Secretary gave notice to committee that she was standing down for personal reasons.  This left the remaining committee not only without access to the notes and minutes taken by the outgoing Secretary but the notes that the new Secretary had taken of the public meeting that followed the AGM. The new committee also had to chase a copy of the report presented by the Chair, on behalf of the Treasurer. This was not forthcoming from the Secretary and the Chair advised that he had thrown his copy away. David Freeman was sent a copy and this was attached to the minutes for the record.

These documents were then circulated to all who attended or sent apologies via email.

Reconvened AGM MinutesCCC AGM Part 2 mins 15_11_13

Treasurer’s Report: 2013-11-15_Syd_Cheeswright_report

Constitution adopted at this meeting: ccc-constitution-final1

Public Meeting following reconvened AGM: CCC Public Meeting following AGM 15_11_13

meeting room


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