Purley Food Hub – Jan 2018

PFH logoPurley Food Hub is a registered charity, keen to receive donations to support their work.

It serves people in need in Croydon, not just the immediate Purley area.

Purley Food Hub thanks everyone for their ongoing support and reports,

“In December we provided 4,000 meals to nearly 450 people going through tough times, including 2,000 meals in the 3 extremely busy sessions immediately before Christmas. It was our most ever meals provided in a single month and an increase of over 30 per cent on December 2016. In addition 135 Christmas Lunch on Jesus food hampers were packed and delivered by a small army of volunteers to families and others throughout the borough on 23rd December, and 200 children each received 2 toys for Christmas through Toys for Joy.

We were blessed during November and December with many amazing donations of food and money and toys by churches, schools, local organisations and businesses, families and individuals.”

They now need help to restock their shelves…..

Other ways to help
Purley Food Hub also welcomes financial donations to support their work. Financial donations are used to buy special items needed, including formula milk, nappies and sanitary items as well as pre-paid bus fares for clients to make the trip home with heavy bags of tinned food. 

Donations can be left at:

Cafe Blue, 945 Brighton Road, Purley CR8

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5.30pm

Get Fired! (pottery shop), 914 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2LN
Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm (to 9pm Thursday)

Purley United Reformed Church, 906 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2LN
Monday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm

Christ Church, between 861-863 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2BN
Monday to Friday, 9am-12noon (term time only)

For all information see www.purleyfoodhub.net

Find them on Twitter: @PurleyFoodHub
PurleyFoodHub on Facebook,
And PurleyFoodHub on Instagram

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