Suspicious callers to homes in Addiscombe ward – Be aware

An update from the local policing team.

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The message reads,

“Dear Ward Member,

I am writing to inform you that we have recently been made aware of two suspicious men approaching people’s houses stating that they have ‘lost their phone and that their tracking application is saying it is in the resident’s house, asking if they could come in and have a look’.

This is a concern for us as we believe that these men are potentially looking for vulnerable people who will be trusting enough to allow them into their property and once inside they would then have access to the resident’s belongings and could potentially overpower them if required.

We must stress that if you know of someone who is vulnerable to this type of crime to please check on them and make them vigilant to the fact that there are bogus callers operating in the area whether it be through this method or another.

If you do suspect someone is trying to scam you or a neighbour please call 999 if it is at the time or contact us on the above number and leave a message if we are not immediately available.

Alternatively please call 101 or report online via the MET’s website for non-emergency



PCSO 7308 Angela
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2473″

Addiscombe Safer Neighbourhoods Team
Email –

Tel – 020 8721 2473

Twitter – @MPSAddiscombe

New website:



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