Donations of plants and pots for Croydon Saffron Central needed. Can you help?

Croydon Saffron Central is being entered again in the RHS London In Bloom/It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards.

Last year Saffron Central received a Level 4 Award of ‘Thriving’ with 79%!  It will be judged again on 30th June 2017!

The rationale for the Hearts and Rainbows theme is that this year sees not only the 50th Anniversary of ‘The Summer of Love’ but we will also be next door to Croydon PrideFest 2017 on the 15 July 2017. What better way could the community & Croydon Saffron Central embrace this than by showing some love and creating a giant rainbow flag?

The idea is simple, from left to right (facing St Georges House) each bed will house – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Violet flowering plants. The green could be made up of either non-flowering or already flowered plants.  Here’s one

Here’s one the founder of Saffron Central, Ally McKinlay, prepared earlier.

Plant/Seed Donations

These are most welcome and ideally with plants that will flower red, orange, yellow, green, blue & violet.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 17.36.58

What else can you do to help?

Creative installations

To boost the colours of the beds, creative installations will be added in the same colour for each bed.  Let your imagination run wild and please ask all your creative contacts to go along and get involved – whether it be flags, streamers or simply something showing your LOVE for Croydon & it’s community.

When it’s all put together the organisers plan to send a drone up to photograph what will surely be Croydon’s largest ever Rainbow Flag!

Installations will need to be weather proof – think rain, sun, wind!


Larger pots – that’s anything larger than 10cm, are also welcome. These will be used to pot on smaller donations.

Here’s a video showing our progress after the first session #ChasingRainbows in #Croydon



On Twitter @CroydonSaffron

On Facebook: Croydon Saffron Central


Next event on Tuesday 30 May and Thursday 1 June, 2017.

See Facebook events for details of this and future events at

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