SCCA seek your views on proposed ward boundaries for Croydon

Steve Packer, the Chair of South Croydon Community Association (SCCA), writes,

The Local Boundary Commission (LBC) has recommended on ward boundary changes for Croydon.

The Commission is charged with providing electoral arrangements for English local authorities that are fair for voters. The current round of LBC electoral reviews is recommending ward boundaries that mean each councillor represents approximately the same number of voters. We also aim to ensure that the pattern of wards reflects the interests and identities of local communities as well as promoting effective local government.

The draft recommendations for Croydon were issued on 14 March. Now, there is further consultation period on the Commission’s recommendations until 8 May, 2017.

The draft recommendations and the revised ward map for Croydon is at 

Twenty-eight wards are proposed fro Croydon, four more than now but with the same total number of councillors (70).

The LBC have accepted representations from its first consultation round that there should be a South Croydon ward, consistent with the notion of South Croydon as a “place” as this is defined in the Croydon Local Plan (Chapter 7: Croydon Local Plan; including a map:

SCCA did not submit comments to the initial LBC consultation although it did comment on the draft Local Plan. Some councillors are now interested in a SCCA view on the new ward proposals,

The new South Croydon ward is geographically central within the borough, surrounded by eight adjacent wards. It is configured, in part, by main roads, railway lines and green spaces.

There is a strong read across with the current Croham ward. But South Croydon “the place” in the Local Plan is a more extensive area than shown in the new ward boundaries.

A good number of SCCA members and supporters live outside the new South Croydon ward boundaries. So, Chatsworth Road is in Central. Park Hill is part of Addiscombe West and Park Hill ward. Haling Park, Whitgift School, and Warnham Road all fall into Waddon.

If you have a view on the boundaries of the proposed new South Croydon ward, then please let me have your thoughts and ideas by Wednesday 15 April (

Together, your views will contribute to a SCCA submission.


All best wishes

Steve Packer
Chair SCCA

Contact Steve here.

SCCA website

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