Notes of meeting on 20mph consultation – February 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting in central Croydon on Monday 6 February, 2017.


Notices and notes of meeting

The notices of meeting were posted up after the meeting.  Find them here.


The discussions in the meeting were devoted to the current consultation on 20mph.

The notes of meeting were agreed with those attending before posting.

You can access them here: notes-of-meeting-06_02_2017-final

Please note that Cllr King has provided links to evidence that comments in support of the scheme can and will be taken into consideration and these are included in the notes.

screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-18-12-58The questions offered prior to the meeting received a response from Waheed Alam on behalf of the Council, and you can find them here.  This also provides links to the consultation and information, including the Council’s FAQs.

Please do let Cllr Bashford and/or your local councillor know if you have not yet received the consultation document, as per the request in the meeting.


As with all our meetings, if you have any feedback on this meeting or our activities we’d welcome hearing from you.


Next public meeting

The next meetings are being planned. See notes of meeting for details.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 14 March 2017, which will either be a general meeting where any subject can be discussed and any notice given or it will be a meeting on crowdfunding. Please let us know asap if a meeting on crowdfunding would be of interest to you.

Please watch our website for details of this and future meetings, and book a free place via Eventbrite at 

You can email us at

We’d appreciate it if you would help spread the word about our meetings.

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