Croydon Debate Club – How do you get the Council to listen? – 31 Jan 2017



The organiser writes,

“The aim of the Croydon Debate Club is to promote a constructive dialogue on issues specific to Croydon. The emphasis will be on understanding the issue and the options that there are to address it.”

If you have any questions or would like to propose a topic for a future meeting, just email

And keep your eyes peeled for future event.

Twitter at @CronxDebateClub

3 thoughts on “Croydon Debate Club – How do you get the Council to listen? – 31 Jan 2017

  1. It’s not clear what the advert means by the “Council”. If it means the whole bureaucratic caboodle then I’m up for it. If it means how do you get at the present regime of Councillors to change there minds on something then this will be party political and I will object to this as not being stated clearly in the advert and not what I signed up for. FYI, I have no problem walking up to a councillor of any political persuasion and engaging them in ardent conversation. The problem is getting action and this is more than often due to the huge inertia and the seeming attitude that because they have got the job that they know better than us. These are the attitudes that the Councillors themselves have to face, take charge of and overcome. We shall see.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      The organiser spoke at our last meeting and made it clear that this event was not party-political so the whole caboodle is up for discussion. The topic is to discuss resident engagement with councils generally, irrespective of who is currently in control of the council.

      As a new group, I’m sure Croydon Debate Club will appreciate the feedback. You can always email the organisers directly. See details at foot of the poster.


  2. Elizabeth is correct. The aim is to avoid party politics. So far I think we have succeeded in that endeavour.

    For this debate we are looking at how a citizen can get the council to listen, independent of which party is in power, on issues like 20 mph speed limits, policing priorities and planning applications. By at least getting listened to one might then hope to have some influence on the outcome.

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