Fireworks – Stay safe while you celebrate



  • Out of courtesy give your neighbours a few days notice of your planned display – this is particularly important if they are elderly, have children or pets.
  • Use appropriate fireworks – for your situation – when buying fireworks, try to avoid really noisy ones. Your firework supplier should be able to tell you what they are selling.
  • Make sure pets and other animals are safely away from fireworks.
  • Consider the timing of your display. If you are using fireworks for a celebration, a Friday or Saturday is likely to be preferable; you should aim to ensure that they are finished by 11pm. It is an offence to let fireworks off (11pm-7am), except on Bonfire Night (midnight), Diwali, New Year and Chinese New Year (1am).
  • For your safety, let off your fireworks in an open garden area – noise bounces off buildings and smoke and pollution can build up in enclosed spaces.
  • If a neighbour complains that you are disturbing them, their pets or livestock, be considerate.
  • After your display has finished, clear up all firework debris and dispose of it safely.

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