Croydon Local Plan – How to objection to Croham Hurst downgrade

A pro forma has been produced and it has been established that submitting this is acceptable so if you wish to object to the downgrading of Croham Hurst you may like to use this pro forma or use it to produce a personal response.
Send an  e-mail to the address at top of letter and don’t forget to add your name and address.
The consultation ends on October 17th, so you must respond by then.
Pro forma wording

Spatial Planning Service
6th Floor Zone B
Bernard Weatherill House
8 Mint Walk


Dear Sirs
Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (Proposed Submission) and the Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies and Proposals (Proposed Submission)

I object to the de-designation of Croham Hurst from Metropolitan Green Belt as
detailed in Table 6.1, Amendments to Green Grid Designations, as this would not
comply with policies SP7, DM19, DM27, DM28 and DM48 and the protection of
the green grid. This tract of land is instrumental in checking the unrestricted
sprawl of the large built up areas around it. Indeed, it was bought by the Council
to prevent the landowner developing the site at the turn of the 20th century. The
history of attempted development of Croham Hurst Golf Club in recent decades
poses a real risk for the character and the setting of the area and the potential
impact on this heritage asset. The historical context of Croham Hurst is incredibly
important and it should be given the upmost protection, as it is a biological Site
of Special Scientific Interest and a site of metropolitan importance for Nature
Conservation. The site also contains a Bronze Age round barrow, which is a
scheduled Ancient Monument.

In the context of the ‘Review of Metropolitan Green Belt and Metropolitan Open
Land’ produced in July 2016, it is clear that this land does meet Metropolitan
Green Belt as it does check the unrestricted sprawl of London, does safeguard
Croydon’s countryside form encroachment, preserves the setting and special
character of the heritage of Croydon and assists in regeneration by encouraging
the recycling of derelict and urban land. This proposed de-designation has not
been positively prepared, is not justified or effective and is not consistent with
national policy.

I cannot see any justifiable reason why Croham Hurst is being treated differently
to the rest of the green belt within Croydon.  It is imperative that it retains its
Metropolitan Green Belt status.

I would like to participate in the oral part of the Examination in Public.

Yours xxxxx


Download a copy, here: local-plan-suggested-submission-croham-hurst

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.37.03

You might also be interested in the wider areas of concern regarding the Croydon Local Plan. Find them here.

You can submit comments on any aspect of the Croydon Local Plan until 17th October 2016.





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