Proposed removal of one hour parking – Brighton Road, Coulsdon – ways to object

 Local Residents’ Associations and residents are concerned about the loss of 1-hour parking in Brighton Road, Coulsdon. They believe that this proposal could mean more shops closing with less choice for residents.

The Council is proposing to reduce the current 60 minutes that people can park for free to just 30 minutes.  Local people have already fought this on previous occasions and managed to get this overturned due to public pressure.

A campaigner says,

“This will affect the traders and shoppers. It is a huge blow after getting at least some of the Lion Green Road car park reinstated.  The problems which the closure of the car park has caused showed how important parking is to the town.

Thank goodness they have at least temporarily, reopened the car park.

We need you to object again this time – details of how to and a standard letter are provided below.

There is now only a few more days to object but if you haven’t done so already.”


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.40.59

Petition signing in Coulsdon

How to register an objection:

Send an email to

Please ensure you give your name and address and postcode or it will not be counted.

The email should include the following reference

Ref: PD / CH / A1 to A3, The Croydon (Coulsdon) (Limited Time) (No. A2) Traffic Order

And you might like to copy it to

Cllr Kathy Bee

Cllr Tony Newman

Cllr Steve O’Connell – GLA member for Croydon and Sutton  Steve.O’

Chris Philp MP

Cllr Mario Creatura

Cllr Luke Clancy

Cllr Jeet Bains

Cllr Christopher Wright

Cllr James Thompson

Cllr Margaret Bird

Or you can send in an individual letter by post to:

Order Making Section, Parking Design Team
Place Department, Croydon Council,
Floor 6, Zone C, Bernard Weatherill House,
8 Mint Walk,

A standard letter can be downloaded, here.

If  over 1000 signatures are gained, the Council have to debate the issue in the Council Chamber and the public can attend.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 20.20.56


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