Royal College of Physicians – Urgent and Emergency Care Surveys

The Royal College of Physicians Health Informatics Unit is conducting two surveys on the health records that people, from the patient through to medical practitioner, health service providers and those who commission health services, feel is important to have available for sharing in a medical crisis situation e.g. with 111, ambulance services, and A&E services.

The two projects are:

·         Standards for the information which a person and their care professionals (e.g. GP) think would be important to share in a future crisis situation (e.g. with NHS 111, ambulance and other urgent and emergency care services).

·         Standards for the information which needs to be communicated by the ambulance service to hospital accident and emergency departments (A&E).

The aim is to develop standards that support optimal care and enable information sharing between electronic health record systems. This is a vital step in the creation of a unified patient focused record. The standards must reflect the needs of patients and health/ care professionals in delivering patient care.

How can you feed in your views?

·         Complete one or both of the following online surveys, as relevant to you.
·         Circulate this information as widely as you can, using email, social media and inclusion of the text in websites, newsletters and journals:
The surveys
1.       Crisis care summary survey:
2.       Ambulance transfer of care to A&E survey:

Please note, not all of the headings in the surveys would need to be completed for every person, only the information which is relevant for an individual or situation.

Both surveys are open until 5pm on 26 February 2016.

 Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 23.18.36

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