CCC Public Meeting – Tues 23 February 2016

Please join us for our public meeting in the hall to the rear of:

St. Michael and All Angels with St. James
Poplar Walk

Enter via the gate to the left of the Church.

Please book a free place to attend.

St Michael front

We have invited speakers for this meeting who will be scheduled first.

Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
The Croydon CCG engagement team has confirmed that members of the CCG’s engagement team will be attending to provide an update on Urgent Care. They will go through the feedback received on the Urgent Care engagement exercise, outline the decision taken by the Governing Body and explain next steps.
Please check the information on the link above for further details.

If you have a question to pose or a point to make regarding this, please add it to this post.

Skanska street lighting
This is an issue that has arisen at most if not all of our meetings. We have invited council officers to attend to update you on this issue and to take questions on this and other queries relating to highways. The matter was considered at Scrutiny on 2 February. You can find the papers here.

Please feel free to leave your questions or comments about street lighting on this post or email us so we can prioritise these.

We also hope to have someone involved in the Master Gardeners project speaking at this meeting also.

After the invited speakers, the meeting will then open up to discuss any other subjects taken from the audience.

There will also be local information on display and copies to take away.


Feel free to leave a comment, note a notice you want to present or a topic for discussion as a comment on this post, or email us.

Our meetings are open to all and are strictly apolitical.


Doors open at 7pm, when tea and coffee will be available and you’ll have the chance to meet others attending.

The meeting will start by 7.30pm.

There will be brief introductions and notices.

Invited speakers will then speak and take questions.

The meeting will be open for you to share your views, offer a notice or propose a topic for discussion.

We will aim to finish around 8.45pm to allow those attending to speak informally, to clear up, and for us to vacate the venue by 9pm. 


Please book a free place on Eventbrite here:

This helps us to cater for numbers and ensures that the meeting is not delayed.

If you prefer you can email us at and we can book for you.

Getting there:
There is no general parking available at this venue, but its central location on good transport links should make it accessible to all. We may be able to cater for blue badge holders, so please get in touch well ahead of the event if this affects you.

The hall is to the rear of the Church, accessed through the gate in the fencing to the left of the main Church entrance.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 19.44.19

Download flyers here: flyer Croydon Feb 2016

And feel free to add your questions and comments to this post ahead of the event.


You can also join our mailing list to get an invitation to our events and occasional updates via email by emailing with your name and Add me in the subject line.

2 thoughts on “CCC Public Meeting – Tues 23 February 2016

  1. Points received via email:

    1. Street lighting
    Some people are unhappy with the “let’s do it, first, then we can sort out the problems, afterwards” basis on which the Skanska project is apparently being done. Why cannot residents meet with the contractors/managers to put forward their concerns, first, before the work starts?

    2. Patient engagement on Urgent Care
    The health consultation followed the usual pattern, being (in effect) a defence/presentation/selling of something already decided upon. Whatever happened to asking us, at the sharp end, before deciding anything?

  2. Re point 1 – We have invited the council officers responsible for this are to speak but they cannot find anyone from the department to attend this meeting. We have gone back to request future dates that the officers could make with a view to having this as the subject of a future meeting. AS no officer can attend we have invited the cabinet member, Cllr Kathy Bee, and the shadow cabinet member, Cllr Yvette Hopley to attend to speak and listen to concerns.

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