Healthwatch Croydon’s call to Croydon PPGs

Healthwatch logo

Healthwatch, set up as part of the Health and Social Care Act, is the independent ‘official patient voice’ across England. Healthwatch finds out what people think of health and social care services, good and bad, and bring this information to managers and commissioners so that services may improve.

As part of their work Healthwatch Croydon routinely monitor GP Practices and currently have around 2,000 items of intelligence about GPs in Croydon.

Healthwatch Croydon would like to know what Patient Participation Groups (PPGS) thinks about their GP Practices, so that your experience forms part of their overall intelligence. In return, as in other parts of London,Healthwatch can provide your PPG with trends analysis reports on request, providing an insight into your Practice’s strengths and weaknesses – issues that could be addressed at PPG Meetings.

If you are on a PPG committee and would like to work more closely with Healthwatch, simply get in touch!

Darren Morgan
Community Analyst
020 8663


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