Funding opportunities – Wandle Housing Association

Grants are available to voluntary and community organisations and charities for projects that benefit Wandle residents and their local communities.

Funding body: Wandle Housing Association
Maximum value: £ 8,500
Application deadline: 11/11/2015, and then at quarterly intervals. See below.


Wandle Housing Association manages around 7,000 homes in nine London boroughs. It is committed to investing in its communities, and has invested £100,000 in a community grant scheme for 2015/16. The Fund is being administered by the Community Development Foundation (CDF).

Objectives of Fund

Funding is available for projects that benefit the local communities and Wandle residents.
There are three levels of funding available:
” Grants of up to £1,000 for smaller projects of up to 6 months duration.
” Grants of between £1,001 and £8,500 for larger projects of up to 12 months duration.
” Grants of between £5,000 and £8,500 for larger projects of between 24-36 months duration.
The large grants are available for exceptional projects that contribute to Wandle’s community investment objectives.

Match Funding Restrictions
Match funding is required, either in kind or in cash. Wandle Housing Association uses a standard rate of £11.09 per volunteer hour to calculate volunteer match time contributions.

Who Can Apply
Voluntary and community organisations and charities can apply.

Organisations must:
” Have their registered address in one of the nine London boroughs Wandle operates in.
” Deliver their project in one of the nine London boroughs Wandle operates in.
” Ensure that at least 50% of beneficiaries are Wandle residents.
” Have an annual income of less than £500,000.
” Have a bank or building society account in the organisation’s name with at least two unrelated signatories (organisations without their own bank account and/or unincorporated organisations receiving a grant over £5,000 will need to name another incorporated not-for-profit, voluntary, community or charitable organisation who is willing to accept the grant on their behalf).

Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon, Lewisham, Bromley, Kingston, Merton and Sutton

The following are not eligible for funding:
” Political or exclusively religious activities.
” Overheads allocated or apportioned at rates materially in excess of those used in similar work carried out by the organisation.
” Costs related to capital or building projects.
” Costs paid or liabilities incurred before signature of any funding agreement letter unless otherwise agreed in writing by CDF.
” The cost of work or activities that any other person/organisation has a statutory duty to undertake.
” Previous debts.
” Contingency costs.
” Interest charges or other costs resulting from delaying payments due to creditors.
” Service charges arising on leases, hire purchase and other credit arrangements.
” Depreciation of fixed assets, paid for by this grant.

Eligible Expenditure
Wandle Community Grants aim to generate positive impacts in local neighbourhoods, support existing and new organisations to be active in their neighbourhoods to promote community cohesion and offer communities the opportunity to respond to certain problems in their areas by having a deep understanding of the issues at hand.

Organisations can apply for funding under the following community investment objectives:
– Neighbourhoods and environment – eg purchasing kits and equipment for local sports projects, delivering food courses, teaching people how to grow and cook healthy and affordable food, community gardening groups etc.

– Young people – eg creative music projects for local young people, film-making courses resulting in movies about the community, the provision of a mobile drop-in youth project etc.

– Jobs and training – eg delivering DIY or skills training, providing CV writing workshops.

– Digital inclusion – eg equipping community classrooms with digital equipment, covering broadband internet costs, providing digital training projects etc.

Funding can be used for:
” Wages.
” National Insurance for staff delivering the funded project.
” Rent.
” Telephone, heat and lighting bills.
” Materials and office equipment associated with delivering the project.
” Events.
” Venue hire.
” Travel.
” Training costs.
” Training/coaching materials.
” Meeting spaces and refreshments.
” Publicity materials and printing.
” Volunteer expenses including travel, childcare and food.
” Other kinds of expenditure that might help with consultation and community engagement activities, eg prizes, pens, paper, ink etc.

How To Apply
Deadlines for applications are quarterly:
11 November 2015.
8 February 2016.
23 May 2016.
15 August 2016.

See: for useful information and application forms



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