South Norwood Arts Festival 24 Oct to 7 Nov 2015 – Can you help?

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 20.32.01People of Portland Road (PPR) are now recruiting volunteers to help with the South Norwood Arts Festival (SNAF) which will run from 24 October to 7 November.

They are in need especially of people to help us set up, staff and clear up the Big Fair at Stanley Halls on Saturday October 24 (noon- 5 p.m.).

They also need people to do the same for the party night that follows at the halls on the same day 7p.m. – late.

Volunteers will receive drinks vouchers, wear an identifying jacket and can come just for an hour or two or for the whole day.   You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the event yourself and take part in what’s going on.

PPR needs people to help:

  • run a toy stall (11 – 5) – 2 volunteers to set up and run a pocket money toy stall, selling small toys to children and parents
  • set up tables and chairs in the hall from 8/9 a.m.
  • direct stallholders and ensure they are in the right places from 9am – noon.  Help sort out queries.  There will be people you can ask.
  • ensure the fair runs smoothly by checking stalls and stallholders 11.30- 5pm
  • ensure the stage performers know where to go and what to do 11.30 – 5
  • assist with visitors by directing, answering questions noon – 5
  • assist stallholders by ensuring they clear away everything at the end of the fair (5 – 6 p.m.)
  • rearrange tables and chairs for the evening event (5 – 7p.m.)
  • be stewards at the evening event, ensuring it runs smoothly (7 – late)
  • ensure the halls are cleared and tidy after the party night (around midnight)

If you can offer help, please email



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