Petition – Build a new Primary School in Coulsdon #Croydon

A petition has been launched by a resident, to push for a new school to be built in Coulsdon.

She explains, 2,500 thousand homes are being built in Coulsdon over the next 5 years and unbelievably, no new school for all the new children is planned.

Croydon Council need a better longer term plan for our future generations – for all our children!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 13.29.41

The petition reads,

‘Approximately 2,500 new homes are being developed in Coulsdon over the next 5 years, including nearly 700 new homes on the Cane Hill development, yet unbelievably no new primary schools are planned to accommodate the new families moving in and there is already a shortfall in available places in the local area.

Smitham, Chipstead Valley and Woodcote primary schools are all being asked to permanently expand by one extra class in each year (210 extra pupils each). However their facilities – e.g. dining halls, assembly halls would be stretched far beyond their intended capacity and misery caused for local residents with increases in already heavy traffic. Despite these proposed expansions, there would still be projected shortfalls in the number of primary school places a few years down the line.

Potential sites in Coulsdon exist, where the new school which the area so desperately needs, could be built, yet it seems all this land is earmarked for yet more housing developments. Croydon Council’s housing and education teams seem to be working in competition rather than collaboration which is extremely short termist and detrimental to the educational experience of all our children in the long term.

The Council’s consultation on the potential schools’ expansion finishes on October 19th and the developers are keen to start building more flats. We want to point out to the council urgently that they cannot keep on building more dwellings without providing necessary facilities.

Please pass this petition on to as many people as possible – all local residents living near these schools or trying to pass by them at school times and local families with primary age children or younger will be affected.

Thank you.”

The link to the petition can be found here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 13.30.29


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