Black History Month in #Croydon 2015 – Updated

The theme in Croydon this year is ‘Croydon Celebrates Black History: Women in Leadership’.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 17.43.45

Croydon celebrates by:

  • Remembering people, places and events from the African Diaspora and the BME women that have made a historical impact.
  • Profiling women who are making history today.
  • Documenting or preserving this heritage to pass on to future generations, with a reference to local history.
  • Profiling traditions and communities through stories, festivals, crafts, dance and costumes to enhance cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Croydon celebrates black history all year by highlighting events and activities for all the community to enjoy. This year’s theme also profiles women in leadership and this is reflected in the events taking place.

The programme is now available for download and paper copies can be obtained from Croydon central Library.

It includes opportunities to discover historical events through thought-provoking discussions, performance, music, storytelling and songs.

Many events are free and all take place in Croydon, although there is a listing for London events too in the programme.

For details see:

And download the diary of events here:  Croydon Black History Month – programme 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 17.43.45

UPDATE, 2 October 2015:

  • Launch event at 6 pm on Tuesday 6 October

According to this post, the launch on 6 October event is a collaboration between the council and Croydon BME Forum. See:

We had not previously advertised the launch as we understood it was by invitation, but this appears not to be the case.

This year’s key-note speaker is Bianca Miller 2014 BBC Apprentice Finalist who was born in Croydon and sure fast rising as a young woman leader.

Details in the above link on the BME Forum website.

  • Change of venue

The Council has advised, today, that the launch will no longer be held in the Braithwaite Hall but will be held in the Community Space, Bernard Weatherill House in Mint Walk.

2 thoughts on “Black History Month in #Croydon 2015 – Updated

    • That’s great to know Shaniqua! Thanks for taking the time to comment

      We held a meeting on 30 September but could not find leaflets in Croydon libraries at that point, to share at our meeting. Hopefully, they are available now.

      We’ve also updated the post. Croydon BME Forum are advertising the launch as open to all so this might be of interest to you. Note the change of venue, though.

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