Croydon Neighbourhood Watch website is live

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 20.02.01

The Croydon Neighbourbood Watch website is now live!

It has lots of crime prevention information, useful contacts and copies of the Croydon Eye newsletters.

There is a section called NHW Croydon updates. This will be regularly updated with information from various agencies.

Click here to take you to the NHW Croydon update page.


You may have heard of the fantastic SmartWater offer available for NHW co-ordinators and watch members. CCC have chased ths but even as late as yesterday evening, details were not available for Croydon, although we were aware that local SNTs were advertising its availability.

It appears that, overnight, this offer has gone live ,although CCC have chased information for months now. Click on the link here, which will take you to the web page which has further information.

If you are not a NHW Co-ordinator or part of an active watch why not become a co-ordinator and take advantage of this discount?

The NHW office promises to  send out email updates, but not on a regular basis, so please check the website for updates.

CCC will endeavour to post updates to ensure Croydon is informed.

You can follow @CBNWA on Twitter, which is now tweeting updates.


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