ECRA petition – Protect Coulsdon South train services

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 18.35.12East Coulsdon Residents’ Association (ECRA) are concerned that although over 400 people from Coulsdon complained to GTR about the loss of stops in the Reigate and Tonbridge service at Coulsdon South and the loss of the Tattenham Corner shuttles, changes will not be made. In addition, it appears that an additional peak hour train for Coulsdon South will not be provided, as promised.

East Surrey Transport Committee also conducted a survey of over 1000 offpeak passengers at Coulsdon South and undertook a number of surveys on the Tattenham Corner shuttle trains.  These showed an overwhelming demand for these trains to continue to stop at Coulsdon South and at least the first and last Shuttle trains to continue.

ECRA are asking people affected to protest about this treatment of Coulsdon,  the only area that ends up with worse services than now, by signing the petition below and emailing the completed petition to

They advise people to also email:


GTR – Chief Operating Officer Diane Crowther

Chris Philp MP

Steve O’Connell – GLA member

You can sign their petition by emailing your contact details to and they will co-ordinate the petition.

ECRA will not publish your details or pass them on to a third party.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 18.34.31

Download  a word version here: GTR petition 2 Sept 2015

There is also a copy of the petition on


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