Met Trace programme comes to Croydon

SmartWater, the highly successful burglary deterrent, is coming to Croydon as part of the Met Trace project. Officers will be visiting homes across the borough to show residents how to mark their property with the liquid, which is only visible under UV light and allows police to trace stolen property.

A trial in London last year showed Smartwater cut burglary up to 85% and we are hoping for great results in Croydon.
The Met Trace project seeks to provide traceable liquid property marking kits to London households. Traceable liquids are colourless liquids containing a unique chemical “identifier” allowing any property to be traced back to its owner. They are invisible to the naked eye and virtually impossible to remove.In late 2012, the MPS ran a pan London ‘proof of concept’ trial around the use of traceable liquid property marking strategies and the impact on residential burglary and a survey sent 6 months after distribution found more than half of respondents reporting feeling safer as a result of their property being treated with traceable liquids.

Click here for further information.

And, here for the article relating to the roll out in Croydon.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 00.14.11

Update 21 September 2015: Although the article relating to Croydon refers to SmartWater kits being made available at a third of the cost via the Neighbourhood Watch scheme, this appears not to be the case in Croydon.

If you manage to purchase a kit via this route or have other information, please leave a comment or get in touch.

CCC will continue to pursue this matter and post any updates.


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