Coulsdon West SNT update – Chipstead Valley Road and Water works development & Lagoon

Here is an update from the local policing team covering Coulsdon West.

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“Dear Residents and Businesses,

Further to my last e-mail regarding the water works development in Chipstead Valley Road and the lagoon to be built adjacent on the large field (10 acre) 100 m x 400 m site, I have spoken to the project manager Peter Ishellwood who has corrected details in the last e-mail.

The first build is to cover waste water used to clean equipment and test samples on site as Defra have changed the specification of water quality improving it etc. This waste water will be treated in the Lagoon to be built on the 10 acre site on the large field behind Lyndhurst Road Coulsdon with a road leading up to the site adjacent to the water works and will be double gated and have security fencing put up to stop the travelling community going on to the site or any other inappropriate road use.

The contractors will have something in the region of 30 people working on the lagoon site with 2 security personnel and CCTV guarding the site 24 hours a day. They will remove 10 000 cubic metres of material from the site, i.e. earth, chalk, sand, clay etc and this will be removed by dumper truck to as yet an undisclosed dumping site as the contract hasn’t been signed yet over a 16 week period till Xmas 2015. This relates to the 500 vehicles originally quoted or now 20 vehicles a day.

It will still be worth while to avoid Chipstead Valley Road during the initial build if you can!

They have stated that they will avoid the school runs affecting the 3 primary schools (Chipstead Valley, Smitham, St. Aidans Primary schools) in the area by not using Chipstead Valley Road during the run up to the school run, but will start approximately from 0930 – 1500 hours then resume from 1600 -1800 hours, hopefully not affecting parents or children. After the build the site will be landscaped to improve the area for those living close by.

The community will benefit from the development at present 45 000 000 litres of water are extracted and cleaned for the community to use this will reduce down to 32 000 000 litres during the run up for the lagoon build and after completion and the other works below will resume after 3 years to be able to manage 50 000 000 litres a day to a higher standard of water.

The 3 year project to renew the water works on Chipstead valley Road on Surrey’s ground for East Surrey Water, this will from approximately January 2016 start with 5000 cubic metres of waste material being removed from the site in 20 cubic metre loads either via Chipstead Valley Road or Holly Lane etc. this will depend on the time of the day and over all 250 lorries leaving the site with waste during the 3 year build revamp period.

There are still areas within Chipstead Valley Road that are pinch points and any body using this road knows the problems associated with this process. The Police will try to manage the problem but your help is also needed by being patient when driving on this road.

A question and answer session will be held at St. Aiden’s church hall on the 29th September 2015 between the hours of 1400 -2000 hours where a presentation will be given and you can get some questions answered by Peter Ishellwood and his team.


PCSO 7206 Colin Ham
Coulsdon West Neighbourhood Policing Team
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2465


Coulsdon West Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2465

Twitter: @MPSSouthCroydon


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