Petition – Reinstate the safe cycle route on Norbury Avenue #Croydon

A petition has been launched by Croydon Cycling Campaign to reinstate the safe cycle route on Norbury Avenue, CroydonScreen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.15.04


The petition reads,

Croydon’s first high-quality cycle route along Norbury Avenue has been removed by the council after just 1 month of a planned 3 month trial period.

As part of the Mayor’s Quietway programme, Norbury Avenue was closed to through-traffic to create safe space for cycling and walking. This new quiet route provided a safe cycle route that connected Croydon town centre to the cycle route that runs all the way to Waterloo.

However, the traffic blocks have been taken down, and the road is now re-open to fast rat-running traffic, making it unsafe for cycling and walking. For years it has been a rat-run for cars driving between Norbury and Thornton Heath.

Many local residents agree that there is a big problem with traffic cutting through this neighbourhood, dividing it with a consistent flow of vehicles and creating fear of high speeds and lack of respect from drivers.

It looks like Croydon’s cycle network may have fallen at the first hurdle and will be severed from the rest of the London cycle network.

Please urge council leader Tony Newman to ensure the road closures on Norbury Avenue are returned as soon as possible so Croydon remains connected to the rest of London by bike. Remind him that Croydon residents want safe space for cycling.



Links to other information and to the petition can be found here:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.15.04

Feel free to add a comment.



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