Opportunity and Fairness Commission Open Day – 1 September 2015

Croydon’s Opportunity and Fairness Commission have announced it will hold an Open Day on Tuesday 1 September 2015, from 2.30pm to 7.30pm

Members of the public are encouraged to drop in to make their voices heard.

Opportunity and Fairness

The Open Day will be held at:

Ranyard Room
Croydon Conference Centre 
5-9 Surrey Street

Please note, this is a change of venue.
Opportunity and Fairness

The Open Day is open to everyone – whether you are a charity, community group, or a resident. Food and drinks will be provided.

The Open Day is one of the Commission’s public engagement events where Commissioners are seeking to hear from local residents and organisations what they think needs to be done to make Croydon a fairer place with more opportunity.

The Commission is an independent body chaired by the Bishop of Croydon, Rt Rvd Jonathan Clark, and run by 11 volunteer Commissioners.

It will publish its Interim Report in September, and its final report is due for January 2016.

For more information please e-mail contact@opportunitycroydon.org.

Opportunity and Fairness

This is an open event and anyone is welcome to attend.

For details and updates see www.opportunitycroydon.org 

Follow them on Twitter: @OppCroydon


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