Celebrating Age and Silver Sunday Week 2015

Last year The London Borough of Croydon took part in a national campaign aimed at Celebrating Age from Wednesday 1st – Wednesday 8th October 2014.   The borough hosted around 120 activities and events aimed at older people their families and friends.  These ranged from tea dances, language taster sessions, sports activities e.g. swimming and walking football, and ITea sessions.  They aimed to reduce isolation and loneliness among people aged over 65.  These were held in partnership with a range of statutory and community and voluntary organisations.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 15.37.37

The Borough is likely to celebrate and mark the week from Thurs 1st Oct – Thurs 8th October 2015 with Silver Sunday returning on 4th October 2015.  They are keen for their partners to get involved and support the initiatives.  Please find below some suggestions on how you can get involved:

  •    Organise a street party, picnic or tea party for older people in your neighbourhood/community
  • Provide refreshments or cooked food for older people in the community e.g. local care home, at your place of worship
  • Intergenerational activities involving young people
  • Link or rebrand the initiative to events/activities you currently provide for older people e.g. coffee mornings, luncheon clubs
  • Link or rebrand the initiative to events/activities you currently provide in your church, mosque, community e.g. SEWA or Harvest  Festival
  • Provide volunteers at main events that will be held that week as stewards, admissions, serving tea/coffee

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 15.38.48

Please let the council know if you will be taking part and they will promote your activity, Alternatively,  feel free to contact the council  to discuss how to get involved.

If you already have activities or events that the council can promote during the week, please send the details below by noon Fri 31st July.

Description of activity Date Location Time Entry/ticketing Cost
Please describe your event briefly- i.e. a very short paragraph or a few sentences with the key details What date in October or early November will your event be taking place? Where in Croydon will your event be taking place? What time will your event be taking place? Can people turn up on the day or do they need to pre-book? If pre-booking is needed how can this be done? Is there a cost or will the event be free?


Please do feel free to contact Yvonne.okiyo@croydon.gov.uk to discuss further.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 15.38.09

And if you would like CCC to host an event, and have ideas for this, please get in touch.


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