Are you planning an event for Croydon’s Black History Month – October 2015?

Deadline for submission of events extended to 21 August, as at 13 August 2015.

Croydon Council is pleased to announce that the theme of this October’s Black History Month will be ‘Women in Leadership’

stencil of woman

The council is seeking to advertise this so that anyone with an interest can get planning their exciting events now.

If you would like your event/s to be promoted by the council, for example through the council website and the literature they produce, you will need to email the details by Friday 21 August This deadline has been extended from 14 August.

Please complete the following template with the details of your event:

Description of activity Date Location Time Audience Entry/ticketing Cost
Please describe your event briefly- i.e. a very short paragraph or a few sentences with the key details What date in October or early November will your event be taking place? Where in Croydon will your event be taking place? What time will your event be taking place? Who is the desired audience, e.g. is it for children, families or over 60s Can people turn up on the day or do they need to pre-book? If pre-booking is needed how can this be done? Is there a cost or will the event be free?

If you have any photographs from previous events or that are associated with your event that you have permission to share please send them over as the council may be able to feature some in the programme.

For a flavour of some of the events that took place last year, please find the 2014 programme here:

If you have any queries, please email Tania Robinson on:

stencil of woman

And if you would like CCC to host an event, and have ideas for this, please get in touch.


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