History Walk in Selhurst – The homes of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – 25 June 2015

A free event this Thursday, run by Sean Creighton, as part of the Croydon Heritage Festival.

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Thursday 25 June. 6pm 

Meet Selhurst Station, Selhurst Rd, Croydon 

Walk around the Selhurst houses lived in by the Croydon based black composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912).

Where relevant other aspects of local history of the area will be discussed.

Coleridge-Taylor was most famous for his work Song of Hiawatha.

2012 saw a year long Festival in Croydon to celebrate his life and works.

Walk leader: Sean Creighton, Co-ordinator of the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Network –


Walk is Free. Copies of Jeffrey Green’s Centenary Celebration mini-book

(History & Social Action Publications) will be on sale.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network event

in Croydon Heritage Festival (20-28 June)

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