Charity collections

Useful information from PCSO Colin Ham, Coulsdon West Safer Neighbourhood team
To all residents and businesses please be aware of charity collection people, who are using collection buckets to collect for different charities around the country.
  • The Charity bucket must display the name of the charity the money is being collected for.
  • It must be securely sealed and should not be an open bucket.
  • It should be numbered consecutively with other collectors in the area.
Charities Act
All charities collecting outside shops must have written permission from the Charity they are collecting for and written authority from the Charity they are collecting for and a permit from the Metropolitan Police to undertake this type of collection.
If they do not have these items they are committing an offence.
It is also an offence:-
1. If they are collecting for themselves.
2. They are falsely collecting for a charity who are not aware of the collection.
3. They claim to collect for one charity but give it to another cause.
The above 3 are FRAUD!
With the start of Ramadan, numerous Muslims will be donating (Zakat) cash to various charities across Croydon. Please be careful when donating.

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