Update on Croydon’s Refuse and Recycling

Following questions raised at our meeting in South Norwood in May 2015, a council officer has kindly provided the following update and clarification, copied to Cllr Stuart Collins who has responsibility for this area: 

Don’t Mess with Croydon continues to achieve really positive results. 

Headlines include:

  • Clearing over 80% of reported fly tips within 48 hours.  This has improved from 72 hours in the previous year.
  • Issuing over 100 Fixed Penalty Notices per month for environmental offences – an increase from around 40 per month in the previous year
  • We now have 10 successful prosecutions for fly-tipping offences since June 2014 – more than we have ever done before.  We are in Court with a further two cases in early May and have more in the pipeline.
  • 658 visits to shops and businesses since June 2014 to ensure that they have trade waste contracts and are disposing of rubbish correctly.
  • 215 street champions signed up with clear up events taking place across the Borough practically every weekend.
  • We have Improved facilities for recycling and disposal of waste in a number of locations where these are limited e.g. for flats above shops.  The length of Portland Road will receive these new bins in the next couple of weeks
  • Taking action to get owners of eyesore front gardens to get them to tidy up.

The Council produces a monthly dashboard so you can keep up to date with progress using this.  The link is as follows:


Provided by:

Andy Opie
Director of Safety

The following points were clarified:

Issuing fines for fly-tipping
CCC: We understand that fine process for fly-tipping has been simplified i.e. rather than a laborious process as before, less time is spent on checking and verifying/double checking.  The process of issuing fines is now swift, with the onus on the person identified and served with a notice to refute the claim that they were directly responsible for the fly-tip/mess found with evidence pointing to it belonging to them. e.g. correspondence with name/address.

Is this true?  If so, please would you explain so we represent this new approach accurately?

Council: No, this isn’t the case.  If anything, the opposite is true.  The Council are keen to make sure that every fine that is issued has the required level of evidence to ensure that we can prosecute if the fine is unpaid.  Each case is different, but this may require follow up checks, interviews and other investigative work.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.07.07

Street Champions
CCC: What are Street Champions and what is their role?

Council: Details are on the following link: https://www.croydon.gov.uk/environment/dontmess/green-champions

New Recycling facilities
Re your penultimate point – New recycling facilities – we note that someone has tweeted a pic of a bulk food recycling bin for a flat.  Is this something new and is this what you are referring to? Greater detail would be appreciated.

Council: No, the food waste bins are not new.  What I was referring to is new dual bins that will be installed on Portland Rd shortly.  These will be in addition to the existing street litter bins and will provide facilities for residents without storage capacity for wheelie bins to dispose of their household waste and to recycle without the need to leave it on the street.

Removal of dead animals
A minor point. I also wonder whether the rapid removal of dead animals is a new thing, and if so, please provide text on this. I reported a chicken, presumably savaged by a fox, near to my home.  It was removed within hours. I see Johnny Rose has reported a dead fox via Twitter today, rapidly noted for collection.

Council: This is something that the Council has already tried to do quickly but is helpful to know that we have provided a good service for you recently.

The app
CCC: Some report this works extremely well. Others have had issues due to the operating system required.  Has this been noted and/or resolved?

Council: The Council are constantly reviewing the use of the app and ensuring that it is working effectively.  The number of reports on the app increases every month, which shows that it is working.  However, we accept that it doesn’t work perfectly for everyone all the time.  If anyone is experiencing difficulties please ensure that these are reported to the Council so that they can be investigated and rectified.
Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.08.57

Follow-up meeting
CCC: We held a meeting with Tony Brooks last year and we would like to repeat that sometime in the near future.

Council: Yes.  That would be possible.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 22.08.28


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