Beware signing for parcels – Advice from a Croydon local policing team

A message from Coulsdon West SNT regarding incidents in the Coulsdon and Purley area, which is likely to be useful to all.

Package Delivery 1 

Unfortunately, a number of people in the Coulsdon and Purley area of Coulsdon West ward have been affected by deliveries of mobile phones which they have not ordered.
This fraud is simple but sometimes extremely expensive if you do not follow some simple guidelines.
If you are not expecting a delivery make sure the name on the parcel and the address is correct.  Anything you sign for makes you liable for the expense. Doing a neighbour a good turn could end up being expensive!
If you sign for a phone you have the initial cost of the product and the contract, which is usually for a fixed period. 
Simply, if it doesn’t have your name on it don’t sign for it.
It’s the courier’s job to deliver it and he or she will have to take it back to their depot.
The scam takes place when you sign for something and then usually someone comes back and says,” I’m sorry the parcel was delivered to you in error”. If you hand it back to the Courier you need to know the company name, the name of individual and the index of the vehicle.  Have they ID? Are they in uniform?  If not, don’t.

What to do if you think you’ve been affected

Contact your bank to check you have not had some compromise of your details and that a debit has been set up on your account.

Phone 101 and report it and obtain a crime reference number, report it to the telephone provider for the phone delivered to you, quoting the crime reference number i.e. Vodaphone, EE, O2 etc.

Check with other members of your household that they have not ordered something on your behalf.


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