A further update from the CCC committee

CCC made a general statement recently.

CCC committee have remained silent regarding our funding, despite ongoing social media agitation, as we felt that any points made might be used for political purposes in the run-up to the general election.

Now that the general election is over we are happy to make the following points:

  • We are not in dispute with the Council. We are waiting for answers to questions put to the Council early in February.  Only when these are provided will we be in a position to explain the situation fully.
  • The funds held by CCC were granted for specific purposes and cannot, as one person is claiming, be used for other purposes such as supporting food banks.
  • CCC remains apolitical. Our Vice Chair, Peter Staveley, stepped away in the run-up to the general election, as requested at the AGM where he was duly elected along with the rest of committee in a public election.  At no time has Peter or any other committee member allowed CCC to be used for political purposes.  Our public meetings are open and anyone can attend.
  • As a committee, we work collectively. The Chair has no special authority, as has been implied.
  • The latest AGM minutes and notes of the meeting that followed are on our website.  Due to the agitation and misinformation spread about this the committee decided to produce full notes and minutes.  These were agreed with all attending prior to publication and are a true record.  The accounts provided are for the financial year, as is standard practice.
  • Those alleging that CCC is being used for political purposes have provided no evidence, to date. No one attending any of our meetings, people of all parties and none, has raised any concern, other than the sole individual whose account of theAGM is at odds with everyone else present on the night.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next meeting on 3 June, but please get in touch if you have any concerns, questions or comments in the meantime or as a result of this post.

Thank you

Contact us by emailing Croydon.Neighbourhoods@gmail.com


Inspector Lee answering questions at our meeting in South Norwood


Meeting at Croydon Town Hall on Refuse and Recycling


Council officer, Tony Brooks, speaking at the meeting and taking questions.


Attendees arriving at the CCC meeting in central Croydon. We were joined by CI McGarry and Inspector Roche, who provided an update and took questions from the floor.


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