Croydon Neighbourhood Watch update – 5 May 2015

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Here is the weekly update from Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association (CBNWA)

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The update reads:

CBNWA weekly update for 5 May 2015


I understand many may have taken part in the Croydon Borough survey when I sent this out previously and I thank those who have. Our ward was the highest in Croydon for replies 🙂 I would like to invite those of you who didn’t to take our survey to do so now which will help us identify the areas of concern on your ward so we can tackle the decrease in confidence we experiencing around ASB (Anti Social Behaviour).

The survey is quick and easy and only comprises of 13 questions.

Link is –

The more replies we have the better we become as a service. With you’re help we are trying to improve.

Please see the attached document, it is designed to guide people into calling the correct agency so we are not getting lots of litter or noise nuisance calls which should be dealt with by the council and reported to them directly.

Coulsdon West Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2465


SPEEDING TRAFFIC –. Key routes around the Ward continue to be monitored by officers on the team when they are on duty and patrols were stepped during the team’s day of action on 23rd April. Several addresses on the Ward have been visited by Shirley officers, warning those we believe are riding Motor/Quad Bikes in a dangerous and Anti social manner within the Shrublands Estate and surrounding woodland. Reports to police have now reduced significantly.

BURGLARY – Again, burglaries in Shirley remain low. In the last four weeks we had two burglaries and two attempted burglaries. Do not get distracted by bogus callers or persons offering to do work on the house or garden. They use this opportunity to enter your property, garages and sheds etc. Do not give burglars easy access to your property.

We continue to patrol our key estates to provide high visibility reassurance. Reports of ASB to the Police have reduced significantly. Two repeat offenders have been visited and warned, if police did not see an improvement in their behaviour they would be given Acceptable Behaviour Agreements by the police and Croydon Council.


Safe Homes: click on the link below to open information from the National NHW on making your home safe.

Download a pdf version of this advice here.

Personal Safety: click on the link below to open information from the National NHW on keeping yourself safe.

Download a pdf version of this advice here. 

Mobile, internet and identity safety: New technology has created a host of new possibilities for criminals. Fortunately, most tech crimes against ordinary people are easy to prevent. Click on the link below to open information booklet.

Download a pdf version of this advice here.


Lots of reports of emails with a WhatsApp message asking you to click on the play button. There are several warnings online about this new scam:

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 19.06.25

WhatsApp Messenger is a great instant messaging app for smartphones that can be used to send texts, images, video, and audio media messages. But you probably know that already. What you might not know is that criminals came up with ways to victimize its users.

This scam comes in three variations. First, if you have WhatsApp installed on your mobile you might receive an email or a text message one of these days claiming to be sent by the WhatsApp admin.

The second variation of the scam is the newest one. WhatsApp is in the process of rolling out a new voice calling feature that lets you make voice calls. As a result, this seems to be the most awaited Whatsapp feature, and scammers are cashing in on the anticipation.

The third variation of the Whatsapp scam, via e-mail, crooks inform you that someone left a voicemail for you. As courtesy of their services, the email provides you a button called ‘Play’, where you can listen to your message.

Thinking that this might be a new feature that Whatsapp developed, chances are you might want to click on the ‘Play’ button. What will happen is you will be taken to a malicious website that will download and install a file called “Browser 6.5” on your Android phone.  If users then click the “Agree” button in the “browser”, text messages will be sent to premium rate phone numbers. The scammers will also try to convince users to download another malicious app.

How to avoid:

WhatsApp does not have a voicemail email notification. Do not click ‘Play’. On the other hand, do not download anything that comes from external links until the Whatsapp app sends you the official message for upgrading via iTunes or GooglePlay.

will be suspended. The link leads to a fake website,, which has now been closed down by the real Nat West Bank.


The Met Crime Mapping site has been created to help show you what crime has been committed in neighbourhoods across the capital. The previous link given does not appear to work on some computers so to view go to: On the first page under ‘How do I’ click on ‘view crime maps for local crime statistics’ on the map page in the search box (top left) enter Croydon. At the top right of the page click on the INFO tab to refine the map area and select crime types.



Please contact our Neighbourhood Watch Manager (Katie Moore) for any general queries, co-ordinator updates or if your contact details change.

CBNWA office details

Telephone: 020 8555 1200 ext. 37637 (there is an answer phone for when the office is unmanned).


Postal:   CBNWA c/o Croydon Fire Station. 90 Old Town, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1AR.

If you have any Neighbourhood Watch/scam information for the weekly update messages please send them to John Skinner at

You can follow on Twitter at @CBNWA

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