Croydon consults on 20 mph speed limits

In response to a request for more information on the proposed consultation on 20 mph, we have been provided with the following detailed response from Waheed Alam at Croydon Council.

The council will be undertaking an ‘opinion seeking’ exercise which will start on 13th May 2015 and close on 24th June 2015.  This will be open for residents and businesses within the area where the 20mph speed limit is proposed.

In order to publicise the proposal, the council will put up street notices on lamp columns throughout the affected area.  The notices will briefly explain the proposal and provide a web link for those that need more information on the proposal.

An online questionnaire will also be available for residents/businesses in the area by which they can support or oppose the proposal.

Due to the scale of the area we are dealing with, it is not our intention in the first instance to write to everyone but we will be providing the information on line.  For those that prefer to receive the information as a hard copy, the on-street notices will explain how this can be requested.

The results will be collated following 24th June 2015 and put forward to the Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, who at that stage, will weigh up the responses and pros and cons of the scheme before making a decision whether or not the scheme should be proceeded with.

If the scheme does proceed to the next stage a Statutory Consultation will be carried out allowing a minimum further 3 weeks for anyone wishing to make a representation for or against the scheme to do so.  Although no dates can be set for this as yet, it is likely that this will commence in early August.  If this does coincide with the School summer period, it is likely that the minimum 3 week period will be extended to say 4 or 5 weeks. 

Any material representations received during this period will be responded to and an Officer report will be put forward to the Council’s Traffic Management Advisory Committee who will then advise the Cabinet Member on how the council should proceed.

The final decision will rest with the Cabinet Member.  If the decision to proceed is made then the proposal will be implemented which could take a further 3-4 months.  Please see attached a map showing the area which is currently being considered.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 23.45.25
You may be aware that although the current proposal is for the north of the borough, the council will provide an opportunity to other parts of the borough to consider whether or not a 20mph is right for them.

For this purpose, the council is looking to seek the opinions on an area by area basis (north of the borough being Area 1).  As we plan to have offered this opportunity to the whole borough by 2018, it is very likely that whilst the north of the borough is being looked at we will start the same exercise i.e. opinion seeking, in other parts simultaneously.   

Waheed Alam
Place Department
Streets Division
Highways Team

CCC will advertise the link when the consultation is launched.

We would like to advertise how those not online can access a hard copy to respond so hope these details will be made available, not just on the on-street notices.

Feel free to leave comments on this post.

Download a copy of the map here: 20mph area-opinion seeking survey map -Area 1


11 thoughts on “Croydon consults on 20 mph speed limits

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      • The response, received today, is as follows:

        “The area of Norbury which is west of London Road is the third area which the council plans to consult. Unfortunately I am not really able to give you any firm dates when this might commence, however as an estimate, I think this could be around Summer or Autumn of 2016.


        Waheed Alam
        Place Department
        Streets Division
        Highways Team ….”

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    • We invited a person who spoke up against 20 mph speed limits at one of our meetings to write a post for our website but heard nothing more from them.

      If your group or anyone else would like to put the case against in a short post we are happy to post it up.

    • Not convinced about the arguments on the Alliance of British Drivers site –

      “Do you want to be fined £100, or more, for driving at 24 mph in Croydon? Or lose your licence if caught more than once? If Croydon Council have their way, that is what may happen.”

      WHY will this happen?

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