Beware – Burglaries on the rise in Coulsdon West area – Useful advice

A message from Coulsdon West SNT.

Please can you be aware that burglary has started to rise in the Coulsdon West area again.

Make sure that foliage at the front of your property is short so that neighbours can check your property easily. If you haven’t joined a Neighbourhood Watch consider setting one up in your road.  Contact Neighbourhood watch manager at (Katie Breen).

Remove items such as wheelie bins from outside of property, so as not give the burglar the chance to easily step over a back gate. If renewing your side gates think about transparency and fitting a metal bar construction gate that makes your premises more secure, but neighbours can see through it so to stop some one hiding behind the location.

Use plants in your garden for natural defences, roses, holly etc, make sure that your fence is an appropriate height so that if a house is burgled up the road the burglar can not skip over a low fence to get out of your property or even burgle your property from the rear.

Mark large pieces of electrical equipment in your house with a UV pen putting your postcode and house number on the rear or underside of the device i.e. television, computer. Record the special code from your phone (IMEI). To abstract this information go to your telephone keypad of your mobile phone put in *#06# and record the 16-20 digit number safely else where. If your service provider is Vodaphone dial *#100# to get your code.

If you have large amounts of jewellery in the house who ever owns it get them to wear it and take a picture of them – on the reverse of the photo state whether or not it’s gold/silver/platinum etc length of chain, carat type and weight and any precious stones, what it cost you and what date it was purchased or given to you. Give this to someone else in your family to keep as a record.

Fit appropriate deadlocks to your doors front and back at least 5 lever are recommended by the Metropolitan Police. if you have sliding patio door remember to fit 2 anti lifting devices on these doors to stop the glass being lifted out. Ensure extra locks on double glazing are fitted as a 3 lever lock isn’t sufficient to secure it.

Increase the security of your house considering CCTV and alarm systems and more outside efficient lighting. When researching these products on the internet DO NOT put your home address on websites as you are telling an unknown source that your property needs extra security. If you have a porch door, lock it at night. If you don’t, make sure you double lock your door and take the key out of the door. Use other bolts on locks on your rear doors to make them more secure.

Consider getting your detail unregistered from the internet companies i.e. Send a CO1 Request form to to have your details removed from your details on their website.

If going on holiday  for more than a week, make sure you inform someone so they can check your property, consider telling the police, making sure you tell them a contact telephone number of someone who has access to your property on the local police e-mail site DO NOT PHONE 999 or 101.

|If an alarm sounds in your road please don’t turn up your TV etc. Look and see if one of your neighbours is getting burgled then dial 999 any unusual occurrences in your road we would like to know about i.e. suspicious vehicles, people etc. Tell the Police operator the description and the property address, we would rather be called out to check and possibly catch someone. You won’t be told off by us by being a good neighbour.

Always ASK for ID if someone knocks on your door – If you want CRIME PREVENTION ADVICE ask the team and they will try to set an appropriate appointment for you.

In the words of Shaw Taylor from Police 5 – “keep them peeled”

Coulsdon West Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email –
Tel – 020 8721 2465




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